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Koiga Sovereignty

The Koiga sovereignty, a prideful faction infamously known for its iron discipline and ruthless laws. Managed and controlled by individual gifted with significant intellect and strength, known as Warlord, the Koiga desired to capture the crystal to gain authority over planet Cereta with absolute security. The Koiga grants their people with total protection and a promise of a sustainable life, with an exchange for their freedom, not only the freedom to do what they desire but the freedom that were embedded in their minds. The effect of this could be observed in cities that are heavily influenced by The Koiga. These cities are often advanced in technology compared to Hunter's authorized metropolis outside of their capital, Helbertz. Areas that stand under the most oppressive influence are usually areas that are nearby region that is controlled by a Koiga Warlord, with some exceptions of Chime city, Elcorodion Green and Mikalis city, where the Vortex Seeker religion's interference can be identified. Despite the creativity that they must give up, citizens who are ruled by the Koiga Sovereignty are equally treated with a comfortable life. With little to no discrimination in races. However the Koiga treat their people like numbers and statistics, they believe that men power lies in quantity, not quality, although this helps the Koiga to have the upper hand against their opposing faction in technology and reliable knowledge. Unfortunately, their technology is often predictable, making it easy for the opposite faction to counter.

Public Agenda

The Koiga Sovereignty aims to protect its population through chain tight surveillant and iron discipline. Their education system fueled with propaganda to forge soldiers forever loyal to them and repeated knowledge for all citizens despite their capability to somehow contribute to their technological advancement in the future. Although creativity is not forbidden in the regions under their control with more than enough private businesses to fuel their country, unlike the Hunter Organization, It is not usually supported financially by the government.


The Koiga Sovereignty is once a small political party that was founded in 1234 ME by ___, the faction is located deep within the Honju region. The faction has a humble beginning with only a small portion of the population rooting with it while the rest support the Royal Family. This factor soon changed in an event that dragged the whole history of Cereta onto a new direction. By the end of 1272 ME, The Henjuanese Dominion was invaded by the Haradic Kingdom, With their army lacking in the required strength after the extermination of Blood Born in 1264 ME. With ease, the Haradic Kingdom bash through their defenses, putting the fate of the Henjuanese Dominion at risk.    However, Honju was saved by The Koiga Sovereignty,

"fate of today, faces of tomorrow."

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