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Ah yes, the Sonfluct. This aquatic species is found in deep oceans, especially inside the Pelzean Sea. They tend to prefer a thriving place to call home and often settle in big submarine settlements.
— All knowing Lohrk

Aquatic Life

The Sonfluct are a humanoid species with fins instead of legs and a scaly skin. Even though their average magical aptitute is low, they still see changes happening to their bodies depending on their individual magical capacities, like most aquatic species. As a rule of thumb, the more individual fins a Sonflucts lower body has, the more magically adapt their body is to magic.

One of the greatest mysteries of this species is the origin of their hands, which are entirely made of shimmering, seemingly magical, light, which is weird given their severely limited handling of magic. This light varies from person to person in color, but the most common one is a saturated cyan. What these colors mean however, is still unknown.

There also happen to be differences between the males have back fins to better swim and scout, while the females have long and pointy teeth and claws to either attack or defend their territory.

A Wave of Sound

The Sonfluct have no way of communicating in traditional land-spoken languages since they do not have vocal tracks. Instead they speak Fluctus, a way of communicating by using vibrations sent from tiny holes located in the inside of their mouths, on their palms and on their shoulders. This results into a circular soundwave being emitted from their bodies which is the closest to a sung language one could get.

To be able to communicate with terrestrial species the Sonfluct do not really learn to speak their language, they merely imitate the words sounds as best as they can, which makes for some most unique accents.

Thriving Colonies

The Sonfluct have spread throughout the globe. Due to their long lifespan and advanced conscious, their services are wide spread and some are even dreaming of migrating to land to commune with the civilization there. With the help of other species, the Sonfluct have built themselves and their kin settlements mainly in the Pelzean Sea, but also in its Passage and outside. They have created their own governments, academic, economic and religious institutions and various leisure grounds.
140 years
Average Height
1.90 - 2.30 meters
Geographic Distribution
Fin Number Magic Level
1 Below Average
2 Average
3 Above Average
4 Extremely High
5 Unique


At present times (1627 AAP), the Sonfluct have heard rumors about a team of young adventurers who have built an artifact to enhance crop growth without the need of a magical being. The name of "Inventures" has already travelled around the aquatic globe and is gaining interest. Maybe this group could fulfill the Sonflucts dream of conquering the terrestrial barrier.

An artifact you say? Are these the minds to finally grant us entry into the realm of aer?
— Sonfluct Scientist

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