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Icicle Roses

Ah yes, Icicle Roses. These useful little flowers only grow during winter. Can I just say, they look stunningly. I once brought my wife a couple as a gift and she would not stop celebrating. Aside from being the perfect gift for your significant other however, these roses are a most useful ingredient for a lot of herbal recipes.
— All knowing Lohrk

Frozen Beauty

Icicle roses are most commonly found in the northern and southern most regions of Cathrea. They do not exclusively grow in arctic regions and are often seen in woods during winter times. These frozen beauties are glazed with a thin layer of ice. Their stems have a slight cyan color and the thorns are replaced by icicles, thus their name. The petals are individually iced over and have different snowflakes engraved on them. Depending on the number if snowflakes present, the rarity will rise.

Snowy Behaviour

Icicle Roses are very heat resistant. They stay in their iced state in temperatures up to 8°C. The roses are highly sought after by many cultures due to its unique ability of producing snow from their petals while shaking. From barkeepers depending on them for a bottle of ice cold whiskey, to certain critters enjoying a good meal, the Icicle Roses have a multitude of uses.

Dangerous Blizzards

Some kingdoms have banned the unauthorized possession of Icicle Roses due to possible exploitation of their cold abilities. Most of them are located in the nothern parts of Shamol'yek, a continent which struggles with keeping the winterlands on the southern pole from invading its territory.
Common Usage
Ice Cellar
Blizzards Diadem
Average Length
And here ya can see me trusty ice cellar. We got permission to hoard one, two, some icy roses. I keep 'em here cool and clean, let em grow, and they give me good 'ol ice for yer favourite ale!
— Barkeepers conversation with apprentice

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16 Dec, 2021 17:23

Beautiful... <3   There's a ton of possible uses and properties, and clearly, it could be used to harass the kingdoms in the north of Shamol'yek. How much is known about their biology? Have people tried to breed them in special gardens? Also... Is this a cultural export in some parts, especially those, which struggle with the cold?

Playing around with words and worlds.
17 Dec, 2021 18:13

Those are some awesome ideas i will need to think about! thanks a bunch for the questions, will definitely throw out an update once i expand on the roses ^^

From strange languages to unnecessarily elaborate playing card designs, Cathrea is the place to find it.
18 Dec, 2021 11:52

Cool flower! How long do they last when plucked?

18 Dec, 2021 16:37

Thanks Chi ^^ The flower, when plucked, loses its snowy abilities depending on how much you shake it. Once its out of snowy stuff it slowly breaks down.

From strange languages to unnecessarily elaborate playing card designs, Cathrea is the place to find it.