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Prina Via

The Memory Flowery

Prina Via is an abundant small blue wildflower growing in and around the Smara River basin.

Basic Information


Prina Via is a small wildflower. It has seven petals surrounding a small pale yellow center. While the main body of the petals are deep blue, the centers are a light shade of blue that turns white at the very end. The leaves and stem of the plant are green. One of the plants' most curious features is that during the day it looks like grass, but at night the flowers will bloom and give out a bright glow that can only be seen on dark nights.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The main use of Prina Via is in potions, powders, spells, and medicines. While witchcraft and such arts have been banned in most regions of Issendree, this herb is still harvested in abundance as such laws are not well enforced and an untrained eye cannot tell the difference between the plant's magical uses and its medicinal ones.   The most well-known use of Prina Via is in memory-related spells and medications. Commonly used by members of the Issendreen Royal family to remove some of its members, this use of the plant has been banned in all parts of the country on top of the magic ban, with exceptions for medical uses, and is very strictly enforced. Despite this, the royal family has continued to make use of the many magic workers, who still work these spells. Many signs and code names have been created to keep these people a secret. Unfortunately, most of them center on the negative aspects of these spells, such as Memory Taker or Life Stealer.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Prina Via can be found in great abundance through the Samara River basin particularly in the Drovan Plains. It has also been found in small numbers around the foothills of the Narog Mountains, where it is an invasive species. Although the battle to remove the flower from the foothills has been largely successful, it has continued to spread slowly into both Kiranin and Lubria.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Prina Via has many names. While it is mainly known by its Droyegan name, it is also known as the memory flower and its scientific name, pleetr pa. On top of these three common names, it has many traditional names, because of how widespread the flower is.
Scientific Name
Pleetr pa
Average Height
6-12 inches


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Apr 6, 2021 22:37 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

This is a nice article and this sounds like a useful flower.   I think it would be interesting if you detailed a bit more the medicine and potions that can be done with it. You could also give some famous examples of their uses since you mention the royal family has been using them against each other. For example, I'm curious about the Memory Taker, since when you think about poison the first thought that comes to mind is assassination. Making someone amnesic is an interesting alternative!   What about the medicines? They must have some special interest (be very powerful or work against dangerous diseases without other cure), otherwise the plant would have been completely forbidden. Unless, the medicines are not actually that strong but the royal family uses the fact that they are medicinal application so as to have an excuse not to completely outlaw the plant? I imagines that it arranges a lot of people to be able to have that excuse if they are caught with the plant…

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Apr 10, 2021 16:14

Interesting article and plant. I still wonder though how exactly what kind of medicine and magic can be done with the plant. Also why can only the royal family use it? Is their something that they hide from the general population? Are they for example able to extend their lives with it ?

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Apr 16, 2021 19:46 by Michael Chandra

What kind of medicine and magic can be done with them exactly?   As for the royals: What goes around, comes around... How foolish they are to monopolize it for abuse.

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