January 3rd, 2050

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Welcome to Calyria!

A world eerily similar to our own, yet radically different. A potential future; What could be.

Calyria is a world dominated by radical philosophies, where corporations and ideological groups have seized power, leaving states powerless. In the wake of this ideological takeover, a large part of society has lost their rights before the eyes of the so-called law. They do not even exists as far as the lawmakers are concerned. Society is a complex web of multiple social and economic classes. It is a world that was on the brink a long time ago. Now, it seems, it has gone far beyond what even the most cynical could imagine.

Total surveillance and repression of the populace have side effects. The world is changing - and maybe you are already helping to speed up that change.

It is up to you who you choose to be. If you wish to change the world, I wish you luck. It will be a dark journey, and a dangerous one. But the reward may be a better world. Or a worse one.


Everyone stands on one side of the dividing line, one side of darkness. Which one are you on? Are you a monster - or the prey?


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