January 3rd, 2050

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Do you hear that howling? Do you see the movements in the shadows? Everyone will tell you that this howling comes from stray dogs, that the movement in the shadow comes from your imagination. But you know better, don't you? You fear the darkness... It has teeth.

Your colleague at work looks dull. Since she has her new boyfriend, she often looks that way. Your best friend spends all her time in libraries, and sometimes you feel like strangers are looking at you and waiting for you to do something. But what? You don't know, but as a precaution, you tighten your collar and speed up your steps. Before what lurks in the shadow gets you.

That evening you turn on the TV. Some new star in the sky of pop stars is being interviewed. Even through the screen, you can see that it is more beautiful, more human and more real than anything you have ever seen. Something about this perfection disturbs you. You can't put your finger on it, and while you're having your drink, that thought flees again. Only in your dreams does it come back when you can no longer avoid the darkness.

Day by day you move through neon-lit glass palaces, night after night you listen to the howling and the shots. Something is waiting for you. And then on the way home, when a stranger asks you for a cigarette in the pouring rain, you know that waiting is over. It has found you.


Everyone stands on one side of the dividing line, one side of darkness. Which one are you on? Are you a monster - or the prey?


Assign to this group if you belong to the mortals of Calyria.


Assign to this group if you belong to the supernatural beings of Calyria.

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