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Cecilie Mylius | Member Since 14 Nov, 2019
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Welcome to my profile page,   I am Cecilie Mylius, and I am a hobbyist worldbuilder, story writer, and painter (mostly traditional and digital drawing). Pen-and-paper roleplaying has always been a part of my life, a hobby first introduced to me by my dad, and it's never left me. I have played GURPS 3rd and 4th edition, as well as Dungeons&Dragons 5th edition.
I live in Denmark and I am a student at Aarhus Universitet, where I do my best to become smarter.   Currently, I am focused on my world Kaarisan, and a novel set in the same world in the country Brixilian.
It is a fantasy world set in the medieval-ish to baroque-ish era, but I am not too concerned with any specific time, my world does not represent The Earth's historic or resent timeline.

Favorite TV Series

Anything with good charachter writing and development, especially "The Magicians", "Broadchurch", "Dirk Gently" and a bunch more I can't remember.

Favorite Writers

I usually like Brandon Sandersen, as well as the writing style of Laini Taylor (especially in Strange the Dreamer, she is a poet and magician). Robin Hobb (or Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden) is very skilled as well, and I liked reading Assassin's Apprentice.

Latest Loved work

Vivy Sturm

The Raven's Cloak

Crystal Casting Armor

Engineering corps uniform