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Second sight

tradition has it that the seventh son of the seventh son is blessed with the second sight, the prescient ability to foretell events yet to pass, although this affliction could hardly be called a blessing. However, we know that the second sight does not only pass from seventh son to seventh son, this is an apocryphal tale. More often than not young girls are stricken with second sight, often playfully speaking to imaginary friends as they grow up, or assuming others see as they see, for the most part this tends to pass by the time they reach adolescence. Only those of them who retain the prescience into adulthood are deemed seers or oracles, many are driven to madness by it- it must be a terrible thing to foresee the fate that will befall loved ones and for none to take heed until calamity strikes.   Most communities retain some old crone or two blessed with the prescient ability, many seek them out for their counsel before undertaking long journeys or difficult endeavours hoping to gain some insight into their luck. The oracles given are often riddles and parables that don't appear to carry much portent, often the true meaning never made clear until all things had come to pass and only then did the oracle make sense.   The best seers are sought out by the The Druid Order at a young age and taken away to become acolytes of the order where their abilities are encouraged and honed by great druid masters. Here they undergo the long training of the druidic rights as well as many tests of mental ability. It is said that the best of them posses diverse powers such as locating hidden objects, seeing the past as well as the future, truthsaying, communing with animals and even moving objects seemingly using only their eyes. Such vulgar displays of power are not taken lightly, those among them that posses the greatest of these abilities are rarely seen or heard of, the order keeping them at religious centres so that they can control their powers. supplementingManapreoccupiedwhisperingSacred grove to consult the seers, here they pay great sums to their druids keepers and make votive offerings at the grove to appease the gods and gain insight from the oracles given by the most notable seers in Albion. However no amount of wealth and riches can change the fate that lies ahead.... beware, the gods loath wealth and hubris and those who would try to avoid their fate, oftentimes displaying their power through divine portent and punishment of those who would attempt to alter the path set before them.
Metaphysical, Psychic

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