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Arch Druid of the Inner Sanctum (Dem-at-ri-us)

There is no power wielded in the realm so pervasive nor as erudite as that of the Arch Druid of the Inner Sanctum, for little comes to pass that has not felt the touch of his agency or the mark of his approval. All matters of state flow through him and all things concerning the nature of the realm are known to him. heavy is the crown of omnipotence, one that he does not bear alone, for he is the head of the council of the inner sanctum, a group of powerful bards and seers of The Druid Order who have proven their devotion to the order and risen through the ranks through esteem in their profession or becoming notable in some way or another. Although the arch druids presence is felt everywhere, conversely he is seen nowhere and known only to those of the Sacred grove of the inner sanctum, preferring instead to walk among his fellow druids in obscurity, in this way he is treated as an equal by his subordinates, garnering their true reflections on matters in place of being tainted by the whisperings of fawning acolytes. This is the essence of the humble nature of his power, like a wolf he leads from the back ensuring he can see his pack as they make their way, confident in the abilities of those whom he has deemed suitable to stand at the head of the group.   Few know his name, even less see his face, upon the are occasion that he makes an appearance he wears only a ragged hooded robe that conceals his identity, unbefitting of his lofty station. In speech he is short, saying only what needs to be said in public proclamation and allowing his supplicants to elaborate in his stead. From leading solemn processions to partaking in sacred rites, these things he choosing to merely observe rather than to lead, instead favouring those from among his inner council to stand at the head of these sacred ceremonies, such is the manner of his leadership. For this reason there is a dearth of knowledge on his true identity. As with all things obscure, folk will always make up what they do not know. Some say he is immortal, since he has always been since the beginning, there is no election by tanistry nor lot for his appointment yet he has always been there since times of yore. Perhaps the benefits of the The Black Elixir have preserved his life through the aeons or maybe it is true what others say- That he really is a god disguised beneath the simple robe of a druid.

In truth the arch druid came to the faith as a young boy, having a natural inclination toward his profession and an innate ability to place divers things into order, none in his small community around him provided the services he felt that he could offer to his peers, and so he made the best of his natural gifts and provided for them selflessly. In time his reputation grew and he developed a following of devotees committed to his vision for a better world, it was then that he slipped into obscurity, preferring to cherish his humble beginnings, and not wanting to be corrupted by fame and the burden of great expectation, for those things often stifle progress and rot away the essence of good intention. Instead he prefers to stand and observe from the shade of the holm oak, tending to the forest and the waters that supports all life, trusting that the carful cultivation of the natural world is all that his followers need to thrive.

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