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The Black Elixir

The Bandruí healers are known to make use of a strong medicinal fungus to heal all kinds of afflictions. They aquire this cure by harvesting a black fungus that grows only from the silver birch forests. The fungus is known as tinder fungus as it was often used to contain a burning ember on travels so that a fire could easily be lit from it upon arrival at camp. They walk the forest in search of this rare fungus that has the appearance of charred black bark growing from the trunk of the tree. They collect this up, always ensuring to leave a small part on the tree so that it may grow back. For it takes a long time to grow the fungus and it cannot be cultivated.    With this fungus they first break it up into small parts and boil it in a calderon. Before the water has boiled away they add yet more water so that the fungus has been boiled several times until the brew has formed a jet black liquid. Afterwards the strain away any parts of the fungus by passing it through a linen cloth. With this liquid they make the black elixir.    The elixir is used in the treatment of all kinds of ailments by the Bandruí healers. Perhaps it's most remarkable property is that it affords an considerable extension to ones life. The Bandruí are want to consume the black elixir daily, believing that its consumption wards off all ailments by fortifying the body against illness. Through it's daily consumption the Bandruí extend their lives sometimes by decades more than is normal. They also appear younger in their years than folk equal in age to them. The common folk attribute this to some kind of magic but the Bunduri themselves know that it is the black elixir that affords them long life, though they are inclined to allow the common folk to continue to believe it is some kind of magic bestowed on them. For if all the common folk were aware of the black elixirs life extension properties then it would be harvested to extinction and there would be none left for them to make use of.    With the mark left over from the extraction process they dry this out and press it into wands. These they burn as a fragrant incense that gives of a perfume. Often used to smudge the air during rituals or burned to mark the passing of loved ones. Insects are repelled by its odour although no one is foolish enough to waste it for such a mundane use.
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine

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