Cairne The Formation of the Bonedancer's Union

The Formation of the Bonedancer's Union

Political event


As their way of life begins to fall into routine and the recovery from the war with the Sahahimu People is put behind them, the Bonedancers begin to organize their new society, their past all but completely forgotten in the metamorphosis they have come through.

Having silently recognized their mistakes and accepting that the brilliant mind of Arterryx Vedikki has been lost to them, the Bonedancers begin to settle on a new way of life going forward, accepting that they themselves are a limited resource that shouldnot be so carelessly thrown away in acts of war. Their new forms, now removed from emotion and any real predilection for irrational behavior allow them to focus on the cold logic of their situation, and it is decided that a system of governance and efficient decision making for the whole is needed. Over the course of several month, the Bonedancers constructed a system that would process and tally votes for their new system and the Union was born, a true democracy where in any and all issues would be decided by a vote on the matter, allowing all the inhabitants of Obficina to add their opinions on the matter through this action. Their nature required no need for debate or even discussion, as the bare facts were to be examined and the individual was to make their decision based on their interpretation of them.

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