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After a two year sabbatical in the safety of the Greenlands Commonage, Airtam is once again drawn into a strange series of events along the western borders of the Ongommu Tae lands. The events have a significant impact on her, and appear to have reignited her fervor to set things right within the Empire, as well as earning her a place of high respect among the Ongommu Tae themselves. The following is the minutes of the initial meeting concerning the disappearances with the majority of the Board of Directors.      
Minutes of Meeting with the Board of Directors Date: 34th of Vigor, 157 PR Time: 14:49 Location: The Confluence     Attendees:  
  • Caleb Green, Director of Sustainable Agriculture
  • Isabella Rose, Director of Rural Development
  • Samuel Fields, Director of Crop Science
  • Lila Patel, Director of Livestock Management
  • Marcus Nguyen, Director of Agricultural Economics
  • Sophia Lee, Director of Horticulture
  • Charles Brown, Director of Farm Labor and Training
    Agenda Item: Reports of Disappearances along Western Border of the Commonage     Diana Shepherd, Director of Peacekeeping, reports that there have been seven disappearances in the communities located along the western borders of the Commonage. In all cases, there is no evidence of a fight or struggle, and there appears to be no discernible pattern to the people taken. Men, women, and children are all among the missing.     There have been reports of individuals feeling ill at ease and an apparent increase in nightmares and sleep-related troubles, but nothing has been substantiated. The Western pass is the primary location for loading and offloading materials traded with the Becht Empire, and as such, even without the priority of Ongommu Tae safety, this is a key location in the facilitation of trade between us and the Empire and outlying settlements as well. It also stands as a bulwark against errantly letting unmanageable amounts of traffic from the outside, into our domain. Keep in mind, contamination from outsiders remains of the highest magnitude of concerns when the potential loss or damage of this pass is mentioned.    The proximity to Silver Lake has always had its share of legends and stories. None of these stories are not to be discounted, but the pass remains far enough away that the creatures that call that foul place home would not dare to roam into Ongommu Tae lands.     Rumors of the old children's story about the cryptid known as the Pale Man have begun to circulate, but despite the Void touched nature of the world, even this seems highly unlikely. It is more likely the result of raiders, or Void Born horrors that have begun to breach the borders.     Diana has ordered a significant increase in active peacekeepers' presence and is preparing to make the journey there to investigate matters personally. She expressed her deep concern for the wellbeing of her people and unwavering dedication to them.     Action Items:    
  • Increase active peacekeepers' presence along the western border of the Commonage
  • Conduct a thorough investigation into the disappearances and report back to the Board of Directors
  • Keep the Board of Directors updated on any developments or new information
  • Reinforce the trade operations at the Pass
  Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 18:23


After two years with the Ongommu Tae people, Airtam, having earned no small degree of respect from them, is asked to accompany the Director of Peacekeeping, Diana Shepherd as she travels west to investigate several strange disappearances.

Document Structure

Publication Status

As part of the leaked Morenthall publications following her death, these writings are generally easy to find.

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Public Reaction

This particular document is largely discounted as one of the many that remain pointedly impossible to prove as more than a fabrication, as even the official word from the Republic of Tae is that the events mentioned within never happened, however, several inside sources close to the Board of Directors claim otherwise.
Leaked Original
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
36th through the 37th of Vigor, 157 PR


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