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The Lives and Deaths of Evangeline Borden and Millicent Janus

One of the rarer of the leaked documents released in the wake of Airtam Morenthall passing, this particular section of her journals was nonetheless fairly popular and gave rise to a trend in pulp literature at the time to include more endearing and emotionally driven characters. When the deaths of two women were brought to her attention as a matter of curiosity, she nearly passed over it as a prank or something that would yield very little information relevant to her various academic pursuits, until she read the post mortem report by the attending Benevolent. Her curiosity piqued, she gathered her things and made her way to the small town of Hearde intent on getting to the bottom of the strange mystery that was presented to her by the Benevolent who pronounced them dead, Doctor Heronius Fillmore, in the following letter.      
Dame Morenthall,    It is with great puzzlement that I reach out to you and your establishment in the capitol concerning my most recently performed duties as mortician for the settlement of Hearde. While death is no stranger to this place, I have seldom had cause to second guess my initial findings when someone does pass, as very little surprises me anymore. Called upon by the owner of one of the few tenement houses in our area, a Dame Corolin, who knocked upon the door of my clinic late in the evening on the 7th day of Frigus. The poor woman was in a state, and after giving her a tonic for her nerves I was able to discern that nature of her distress was the deaths of two of her established tenants. Still not fully understanding the full scope as to why this was cause for such a reaction, I asked for her to take me to the scene assuring her that I  would take care of the matter promptly.     On the way there, Dame Corolin explained to me that the tenants, Miss Evangeline Borden and Miss Millicent Janus were both ideal renters, having always paid on time and never been the cause for any trouble, in fact, both of them primarily keeping to themselves which, as she said, suited her just fine. She is a chatty woman, but I see no reason to doubt her assessments.    The scene of the deaths was not quite what I had imagined. The two women's remains were in the attic of the house, positioned upright with each holding a small thin blade like a stiletto or a misericorde embedded through the lower jaw of the other, their hands still wrapped tightly around the hilts and the blades sunk deep into the cranial cavity, leaving to at least not need to examine either for signs of life. Between the positioning of the bodies leading me to think that there may be some manner of foul play at hand here and the fact that not a single drop of blood could be seen at the site, I admit I was quite confused. My primary worry is the possibility of some new blight born predator or even a citizen suffering from some form of psychosis beginning what could be a devastating reign of murder upon our small town. We do not have the means nor the resources to combat such a thing, and the Empire has been very slow in the past to send aid when we need it, so it is to you that I extend my concerns. Your reputation is one of curiosity and impeccable moral fiber. I have no doubt that you r keen eyes will find whatever it is that I have missed and help to uncover the horrible culprit behind such a heinous crime.    Thank you for your consideration in this matter, I will await your response and hopefully, your arrival.   Sincerely Yours,    Doctor Heronius Fillmore, MD 


Never one to pass up a mystery that could potentially be tied to something new or unique, Airtam travelled to the small town of Hearde to follow up on the strange report of a murder by the local Benevolent mortician to try and find the true reason, method, and motivation behind the odd circumstances surrounding their deaths.

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As part of the leaked Morenthall publications following her death, these writings are generally easy to find.

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This particular entry into Airtam's leaked journals was remarkably popular.
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11th of Frigus 150 PR to 13th of Frigus 150 PR


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