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This small outlying village is one of many that is nearly all but ignored by Bechtlarite society. The people of Hearde are simple folk, content to be left alone and live their lives. While the common threads of Bechtlarite society remain, such as the pursuit of intellectual achievements and a general fascination with science and technology, they generally tend to utilize them in a more applied manner. Living so far removed from the capitol and the rest of higher society, their focus tends to be on survival, defense, and sustaining their population. This far south, the winters tend to be colder and less forgiving, and the village has managed a number of brilliant innovations to counter it.    A notable feature of the village is the defensive wall that surrounds it. It is a stone embankment, angled slightly and covered in sharpened metal spikes. The wall was built following the initial breakout of the Breathless Plague. The plague had claimed a significant number of lives by the time it reached here, and for each life claimed, the herd of restless dead only increased. The people of Hearde, with little to no warning, organized and defended their home with a fierce tenacity, an onslaught that lasted three days decimated a third of the population by the time reinforcements from the Capitol arrived. The wall was constructed not long after, and the residents remain vocal in their criticisms of the Empire for letting a danger so vast get so out of control so quickly.
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