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The Drowned

The network of agents, spies, and pawns under the control of the Angler and its draconic champion, the Scion of the Abyssal Glimmer, is a shadowy web woven from the souls of those who accepted the Pact of the Deep, and those unlucky enough to be caught in the shimmering black strands of that watery web. These individuals, lured by promises of power and dominion over the waters of Cairne, find themselves ensnared in a fate far darker than they could have imagined. At the end of their deals, they are stripped of their lives and spirits, cast into a strange form of undeath where they exist in a semi-drowned state, neither truly alive nor dead. Bound to the will of the Angler, these wretched souls are compelled to serve without question, their minds twisted and warped by the dark powers that now control them. Bereft of anything resembling life or free will, they are little more than puppets in the Angler's hands, carrying out its bidding with a cold and mechanical efficiency.   Among their ranks are spies who move unseen through the world, gathering information and sowing discord wherever they go. These agents are masters of deception, able to blend seamlessly into their surroundings and manipulate events to further the Angler's inscrutable agenda, while others serve as enforcers, wielding their newfound powers over the waters of Cairne to crush any who would dare to oppose the will of their dark master. These pawns are relentless in their pursuit of the Angler's enemies, their souls twisted and corrupted by the malevolent forces that now control them.


  • Nether's Deep
Secret, Occult
The Drowned
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