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The Angler

The Whisperer in the Deep

The Angler is a mysterious and enigmatic entity who holds dominion over the submerged subterranean cave system beneath the black and toxic waters of the Ephemeral Sea, known as Nether's Deep. This creature is shrouded in secrecy, its true form often concealed within the murky depths, with only fragments of its presence occasionally glimpsed by those who dare to venture into its domain.   Physically, the Angler appears as a towering figure, draped in tattered finery that sways ominously with the currents of the underwater caverns. Its form is obscured by shadows and the refracted light that dances through the water, giving it an otherworldly and ethereal quality. Its eyes, when visible, gleam with an unnatural intensity, hinting at the vast intelligence and ancient knowledge that lies within its strange, fish-like features. The Angler's demeanor is one of calculated manipulation and subtle coercion, wielding its influence like a master puppeteer pulling the strings of fate. It speaks in whispers that echo through the cavernous chambers, each word laden with hidden meanings and veiled threats. Its voice carries the weight of eons, resonating with a power that commands both fear and reverence from those who hear it. Despite its inscrutable nature, the Angler is known to be a masterful strategist and schemer, always several steps ahead of its adversaries and orchestrating events with meticulous precision. It is a being of boundless ambition, driven by insatiable desires and an inscrutable agenda that spans the depths of Nether's Deep and beyond.   To those who pledge allegiance to the Angler, it offers promises of power and enlightenment, weaving webs of deceit and temptation to ensnare unsuspecting souls in its grasp. Yet, beneath its facade of grandeur and magnificence, lies a darkness as deep and unfathomable as the abyss itself, hinting at the true nature of the being that lurks within the shadows of Nether's Deep.

Divine Domains

Intrigue, Manipulation, Illusion

Physical Description

Special abilities

The Angler, a being of ancient and inscrutable origins, wields powers that defy conventional understanding. Its dominion over the submerged subterranean caves of Nether's Deep grants it control over the very essence of the depths, manipulating the currents of the Ephemeral Sea with an effortless grace. Through its mastery of the dark and toxic waters, the Angler possesses the ability to shape reality itself, weaving illusions and phantasms that ensnare the minds of those who dare to venture into its domain.    Beyond its command of the aquatic realm, the Angler's influence extends into the very fabric of existence, its knowledge of the post-Blight world surpassing that of any mortal or immortal entity. With a keen intellect honed over millennia of observation, the Angler orchestrates events across the globe, manipulating the destinies of nations and individuals alike with a subtle and unseen hand, yet, perhaps the Angler's most formidable power lies in its ability to wield secrets like weapons, weaving a tangled web of deception and intrigue that ensnares even the most astute observers. Through a network of spies, informants, and unwitting pawns, the Angler gathers information from every corner of the world, using it to further its own inscrutable agenda.   Though its true motives remain shrouded in mystery, one thing is clear...the Angler's power is as vast and immeasurable as the depths from which it emerged, casting a shadow over the fate of all who dwell within its grasp.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The history of the Angler is shrouded in mystery, obscured by the swirling currents of time and the depths of Nether's Deep. Little is known of its true origins, for it emerged from the darkness of the abyss with a presence that seemed to defy comprehension. Some whisper that it is a primordial being, born from the turbulent depths of the Ephemeral Sea long before the Blight engulfed the realm of Cairne. Throughout the ages following the Blight, and as some speculate, perhaps even before it, the Angler has remained a shadowy figure, lurking in the hidden recesses of the underwater caves, its motives and intentions inscrutable to all but itself, yet, despite its enigmatic nature, whispers of its influence echo across the globe, whispered tales of its machinations reaching the ears of those who would dare to listen.   The Angler's knowledge of the inner workings of the post-Blight realm of Cairne is unparalleled, its insights into the shifting tides of power and politics serving as its guiding force in the turbulent sea of chaos that has engulfed the world. Through a vast network of spies, informants, and unwitting pawns, the Angler maintains a web of intrigue and manipulation, pulling the strings of destiny with a deft and unseen hand. Many who find themselves caught in the Angler's grasp are unaware of the true extent of its influence, deceived by illusions of choice and free will, yet, beneath the surface lies a deeper truth, a realization that they are but pieces on a vast and intricate chessboard, manipulated by forces beyond their comprehension.
Divine Classification
Greater Power
Current Location
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Mottled grey and green scales
Aligned Organization


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