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The Scion of the Abyssal Glimmer Draken Flametongue

The Scion of the Abyssal Glimmer, once known as Draken Flametongue, was the last of the untainted dragons of the world of Cairne, his scales gleaming with the golden hue of purity and his sorcerous power unmatched. In his youth, as the Blight descended upon his realm, he escaped through an interdimensional portal, narrowly avoiding the cataclysm that consumed his brethren. Little did he know that his flight would lead him into the clutches of the Angler, a malevolent entity whose dark influence knew no bounds. The Angler, with its insidious cunning, tracked down the young dragon in an extra-dimensional city, weaving a web of manipulation and deceit that spanned the ages. Through a long and intricate plot, the Angler enticed the dragon with promises of vast power, exploiting his hubris and desire for dominion. With twisted machinations, the Angler accelerated the dragon's growth into his adult form, transforming him from a creature of light into a dark and serpentine wyrm of tremendous size.   Once adorned in golden scales, the Scion of the Abyssal Glimmer now bears a black and iridescent hide, a testament to the corruption wrought upon him by the Angler's dark powers. Void-born energies course through his veins, granting him dominion over the tainted waters of Cairne and aligning his will with that of his malevolent master.   As the Scion of the Abyssal Glimmer traverses the realms of Cairne, he leaves behind a shimmering trail of iridescent flecks, a haunting reminder of his twisted transformation. Alongside the Angler, the two form a terrifying duo, their combined presence is a dark and formidable force, their shadow casting a pall over the fate of all who dwell within their reach.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Corrosive Breath
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Illusory Camouflage
  • Shape Changing
  • Blight Affliction
  • Subterranean Navigation
  • Dark Empowerment
  • Psychic Manipulation
  • Abyssal Aura
  • Blighted Regeneration
  • Pactbound Dominion
Current Location
Current Residence
Aligned Organization


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