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The Disappearance of Maintenance Crew Nine

While barely recovered from her time in the Eastern Wastes, Airtam was conscripted by the Bechtlarite Intelligence Bureau to investigate a string of missing persons that had been occurring for a few years. In every case, no trace or evidence of the missing crews were recovered, and while rumors and tall tales seemed to have multiple explanations, all of them seemed far fetched, even for Cairne. Given no choice in the matter and unable to protest given her already tenuous position within the rank and file of the upper echelons of the ruling factors of the time, Airtam had little choice but to accept the demands of Nonpareil Fulton and, while she was apparently terrified of the potential implications of being sent to investigate such a thing, she honored her obligations to the Empire and delved the depths of that place. What she found there, and the realizations of why she was sent, further solidified her already burgeoning concerns about her safety.      
  To: Headmaster, Airtam Morenthall   From: Nonpareil Fulton   Subject: Multiple Disappearances of Maintenance Crews in Armuun Sewers   On 23 of Vigor 154 PR, Maintenance Crew 9 consisting of six members was reported missing while performing routine maintenance work in the sewers under the commercial district of Armuun. The crew was comprised of three experienced technicians and three skilled laborers, all veteran workers in the department with no outstanding work related issues or significant ties to any form of nefarious practice whatsoever, as you well know, we vet these workers vigorously to avoid infiltration by rogue elements, but despite our efforts, this marks the fifth such occurrence in the last three years. Our records indicate that the missing crews were well-equipped and adequately trained for their work in all reported instances, so no common threads indicating incompetence stand out. In accordance with standard practice, these teams are meant to perform their duties in eighteen hour shifts, coming to the surface every six hours along their routes to report their findings and work, but their second surfacing, all contact was lost, and they have not been heard from since. The previous four crews that disappeared were also conducting routine maintenance work and had similar experiences, though the times between entering the underground and loss of communication varies from case to case.   The Bureau's initial assumption is that the terrorist organization, the Burnt Crows, is responsible for these disappearances. We have found vague evidence that points towards the potential involvement of an unknown creature that may reside in the sewers such as claw marks on the walls and floors of the tunnels, and there have been reports of strange noises coming from deep within the system, but all of these findings are unsubstantiated by follow up investigations thus far. I have no doubt that once some tangible evidence is discovered, it will likely be little more than an area of the maintenance tunnels that has been damaged or breached, which is a danger all of the lost workers are well aware of from the time they sign their contracts.   Given the potential risk to public safety, we would like to request that you indulge us by taking immediate action to investigate further. As a highly skilled asset with specialized training that could prove to be invaluable in ascertaining the nature and whereabouts of our teams, or in the very least shed some light on what led to their disappearance, we thank you in advance for volunteering for this rather distasteful excursion into the systems below the city. Rest assured that we will equip you with the best possible tools needed to handle the situation and extract any relevant information without drawing attention to yourself, or the involvement of the Bureau. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that it is in the best interests of the Empire, and your own well being, that we keep the situation under control and avoid creating a panic among the public. We assure you that we are working diligently on our end to uncover the truth behind these disappearances as well, and should any information surface we will provide updates as often as we determine them to be needed.   You will begin your investigation in two days, giving you ample time to get your affairs with the University in order, and to allow for proper machinations to be put in play that will tidy up your affairs in the event of misfortune, though we see no reason why a short exploratory incursion into the tunnels of the very city you live in should be cause for any concern, especially considering all of the expeditions and investigations you have played a role in to date. I’m sure you’ll be back at your desk in no time, Headmaster.   Rest assured that we are fully aware of the gravity of this situation and will take all necessary steps to protect our citizens, which is one of the reasons why we have selected you, one of our finest and most well respected citizens, to represent our agency in the matter at hand. Best of luck.   Geraldine Fulton, Nonpareil

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As part of the leaked Morenthall publications following her death, these writings are generally easy to find, though there have been several attempts by agents of the Bechtlarite Intelligence Agency to gather and destroy as many copies of this particular document as possible.

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Public Reaction

This particular document was neatly debunked by the Bechtlarite Intelligence Bureau, who even provided proof that the writings contained within were falsified a great deal by the Burnt Crows, going so far as to even produce evidence that Fomick Instein was indeed still alive and stationed at the Maliciean Scientific Commune where her classified work kept her isolated due to the delicate nature of it. Fomich, however, never made an appearance herself nor did the Commune produce any signs or evidence that backed up this claim leading many to dispute it. This document damaged the reputation of the Bureau a great deal, and more prevalent, caused a large disruption in the leadership of the agency itself as the Sovereign came forward and claimed the Bureau had been working independent of their wishes, and counter productive to the overall goals and standards of the Bechtlarite people as a whole.
Leaked Original
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
25th through the 27th of Vigor 154 PR


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