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When the gods abandoned Cairne, the dead no longer had passage to find their final rest, the door to the hereafter closed as well. The spirits remain, mostly unseen and ignored, but they are always watching and listening. The Spiritualist capitalizes on this by utilizing archaic and most often illegal methods to reach out to them and glean knowledge both new and old to gain an advantage in life. There is some portent of power still residing in the dead, and the spiritualist is the conduit of that power, using what was to influence what is.



The ability to see, speak with, and manipulate the spiritual revenants of the world is not a profession for the faint of heart, and seldom is it one made by choice. These poor souls have been given their "gift' thanks to the exposure to the negative energy that remains an ambient part of the atmosphere of Cairne.



They tend to find their own path and purpose, though once they come to terms with what they are, they quickly realize that their ability to remain versatile and to pull lost knowledge from the eather is a boon to any party.

Social Status

Granted this ability by chance, most Spiritualists are a curiosity or an exile by some. While it has been determined that what they do is not technically a breach of the laws governing the use of arcane abilities, most remain wary.


This is a very rare ability caused by a genetic mutation as a result of exposure to the Void.


https://www.worldanvil.com/w/cairne-churchwarden/h/ff5d45a6-5b6d-4069-bf3b-d445171f86b6   The first documented appearance of this mutation was a sad and misunderstood one that claimed the life and sanity of the young Ongommu Tae girl tat exhibited the trait. THe mutation continues to occur within all races, though it remains extremely rare.



The trademark blindfold that many Spiritualists wear, is not only a badge of sorts, showing publicly what they are to avoid mishaps and misunderstanding, it also allows them to, at least visually, tune out the very active spiritual realm that exists in Cairne. With no souls being permitted to leave since the Blight, it can become overwhelming in some locations to endure the attentions of the dead.


A spiritualist has little use for a dedicated workspace, but a quiet location where no spirits remain is often sought as a sanctuary from the world and a place of respite.

Provided Services

The nature of the Spiritualist grants them a unique ability to be able to glean lost secrets, witness echoes of past events, and even take on the skills and abilities of the dead for a time. This makes them excellent additions to any exploratory expeditions, as they can pull secrets out of the spirit realm, warn of impending dangers, and find lost places and things simply by asking for directions. The ability to take on the knowledge of the past in some cases as well, grants them universal aptitude in virtually any skill.

Dangers & Hazards

The dead are not always eager to share their secrets, and most certainly are not all benign. The ability to see and hear them is a two sided coin...they can see and hear the Spiritualist as well. While the dead rarely harm a Spiritualist provided they remain non-aggressive, this is not always the case when it comes to the more pwoerful and twisted forms that they can sometimes take.
Alternative Names
Mediums, Necromancers, Spooks
While some will actively seek out a Spiritualist to regain a connection with a lost loved one or the like, most people are a bit put off by the ability, as it is not only a constant reminder of one's own mortality, but also that there is no afterlife.
Some of the more remote settlements may actually view these practices as arcane or evil. Though it is rare, most civilized settlements view the Spiritualists as an anomaly and little more.
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