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The Possessor

The realm of spirits is vast and encompasses the entirety of Cairne, the dead wandering in almost every part of the planet. One of the most powerful aspects of the Spiritualist's power is the ability to welcome a spirit into themselves and gain the ability of the spirit for a time. While the Possessor retains this gift, they have discovered a way to reverse the effect in a way, granting them the ability to shift their spirit into another body for a time. This ability comes with great benefit and no small amount of danger, as it leaves the body of the Spiritualist venerable while their are elsewhere. While in the body of another, the Spiritualist gains the skills and abilities of the person they now inhabit, though the individual's own spirit will contest them for control, attempting to expel them at every turn. The more powerful the Spiritualist, the more powerful a target they can do this with, and the longer they can maintain it.

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