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The Entropic Conduit

The dead of Cairne are, for the most part benign and invisible aspects of the reality that is the post Blight world. Without the means to see them there, most creatures move through life completely unaware that most of the time they are literally surrounded by ghosts of the fallen. The dead, while unable to affect the mortal world except in rare occasions, are always hungry. Their condition causes them to crave life and the things they no longer can enjoy. The Entropic Conduit relies heavily on this fact, using their abilities to temporarily empower the spirits of the dead and send them to a specified point, now granted the ability to sate those desires by draining the energy from the Spiritualist's desired target. This is a terrifying experience, to suddenly feel the weight of the dead upon you and your life being slowly drained away. As the Spiritualist gains more power over time, this effect becomes even more powerful.
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