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Phyrra Joven

Ambassador Phyrra Joven

Phyrra Joven is the cold, emotionless ambassador to the world representing the interests of the Bonedancers at Obficina. While she appears approachable and at times even friendly, all of the aspects of a humanoid that made them these things simply do not exist within her scope of expression. She is a Bonedancer, through and through, and due to the heavy modifications she has received, the disconnect she now has with her emotions, her past, and her connection to them have been neatly severed, leaving a calculating and highly intelligent creature with only one goal in mind, the survival of her people.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The majority of their body has been completely modified and replaced, save for her head and face, which they opted to remain open and visible so they might continue their role as an ambassador.

Body Features

Almost the entirety of their body has been replaced, leaving a mostly mechanical figure covered in the mechanical apparatuses needed to maintain their functions.

Facial Features

Prior to the modifications, the Syllandyha ambassador looked much like the rest of her people, fair haired, fair skinned, with a graceful countenance and personality. She had a certain charisma to her that was hard to ignore, and a very animated style of expression that made her perfect for her role.

Identifying Characteristics

In her current form, she has striking amber eyes that glow with an odd reflective nature that makes them shimmer when the light hits them. She is covered from the neck down in mechanized replacement parts that grant her increased reflexes, speed, and various internal weaponry and tools as well. When performing her duties as ambassador, she opts to wear a fine cloth mantle that covers her back and shoulders, a relic from days gone by that remains beautiful in its creation.

Specialized Equipment

  • Enhanced sight
  • Arm Blades
  • Spring loaded Projectile
  • Enhanced speed

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Phyrra was one of the original members of the landing party that came down to Cairne from the Syllandyha home ship. She was born while her cluster traveled and matured aboard that ship, being educated in the history and culture of her people as they went. Cairne was to be her first official mission representing the Syllandyha as a spokesperson and representative of their culture. When she learned of another culture of elves on the planet, she could not have been any more excited. Her initial contact with them was something she had dreamed of her entire life. Having grown up aboard the Syllandyha ship, she had gone through childhood with dreams of vibrant forests and sweeping elven architecture, societies like the ones of old she had learned about in her studies of history.   The initial meeting with the Gauldowhynna did not disappoint her, the elves of Cairne offering sublime hospitality and a joyous and open welcome into their majestic city, and even allowing them into their most sacred space, the Grove of Shah. Her own people had no such ties and to them the idea was a marvel, just as the ideas of the goddess, Shah spun their concepts of life and death around.   Sadly, her moment of triumph was not to hold the longevity she had so hoped it would, and the meeting was ultimately disrupted by the Blight, though at the time herself and the other Syllandyha had no way of knowing what was happening, or how great an impact it was going to hold over their lives. The breakneck race to get back to her people, to escape and get back to her ship was a blur of panic and dread as the world around her seemed to be coming apart at the seams. The crash of their skiff on the island and the shockwave of the Blight impact nearly killed her, and it did kill several of the crew. It was only thanks to the quick actions of Ehrendil Bryleth covering her with his own body that she made it through the impact unscathed, though he was terribly wounded for his efforts.   The years that followed, the shock of being left behind, and the slow deterioration of the state of her people caused her hope to die out quickly, thinking this was the end of them. Time drifted by, days bleeding into one another and the sky seemed to remain dark constantly, robbing her of any joy she might have found there. In her desperation, she was one of the first to accept the offer of Arterryx Vedikki to modify her physical body in a way that would offer a chance at survival until they could perhaps find a way home again. Though the chances were slim, she clung to that hope rabidly, a newfound defiance against despair welling up in her.   Things looked up for a time as the modifications settled in her system, but she began to forget things, and certain others things seemed to become less and less important until finally, in a detached fugue, her people discovered the Sahahimu. Logic dictated that they had valuable resources, both in body and location that could be used to preserve her people, and to help build her home, so when the order came to attack the strange culture that existed on the island south of them, she was all too eager to follow. Her new and enhanced form allowed her to achieve wonders of violence she had no idea she was capable of, but even this revelation offered little joy, it simply was. She killed all who crossed her path without pity or remorse, and without concern for their age or status. Her people swept over the unwary Sahahimu like a terrible flood, and they collected a great deal of organic matter and natural resources as well, allowing them to bring many more of their sleeping kin out of stasis and into the world once more. The gathering went poorly upon their return however, as the Sahahimu fought back in full force, driving at them with all they had, becoming roaring and rage filled beasts and doing so much damage to the invading forces that they had no choice but to retreat to their home. The conquest failed and a pact was signed, but still, she felt nothing, watching the events unfold before her with indifference, only thinking to herself that this course of action made the best sense. Even as she added her name to the pact, she was distant from it, and as the Sahahimu representatives left, all she could think of was how much she wished she could have taken more of them for parts, as there were so many more of their people asleep in the The Archive , but that could wait. Their people's lives were long, and things would change eventually.


They retain a substantial education from their time spent aboard the home ship, though a great deal of the historic knowledge, deemed as unnecessary has been archived and mostly forgotten.
Current Status
Touring the cultures of the mainland
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Grey


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