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The newest species to spring forth from the myriad mutations caused by the Void. They are unique in that, unlike so many others their existence is benign. They exist as creatures driven by a child-like curiosity and hold no demand for power or wealth. Within them is a collective consciousness through which the entire species shares every experience and piece of knowledge allowing them to adapt quickly to the ever changing and dangerous world they live in.

Basic Information


The Ougham appear near translucent, but still humanoid in shape, through their faces contain no external physical features to speak of. Their thick arms end in a hand like appendage with three to four digits, like fingers on each, and their legs grow thicker at the bottom rather than ending in feet as other humanoids do. They tend to be remarkably tall and sturdy once they reach adulthood, and their forms cause them to be slow moving. This, combined with their translucent quality causes them to be very easy to miss and masterful at hiding when they choose to.

Genetics and Reproduction

Ougham reproduce asexually, lacking any real concept of gender though technically on a genetic level, they are all female for the purpose of propagation.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Ougham mature very quickly following their detachment from the parent. Their unique "hive mind" connection with the others of their species allowing each new Ougham unfettered access to the entirety of knowledge shared between them and leaving no need for mental development in the young. The physical development from child to adult can take up to ten years but varies from individual to individual Ougham.    On a side note, the entire species is very underdeveloped in terms of emotional intelligence. While they remain open and are entirely capable of empathy and emotional growth, the connected nature of their existence actually slows this process as a whole, requiring substantially more powerful stimuli to cause a large enough reaction as to affect the entire collective.

Ecology and Habitats

While their home remains the Arven Archipelago , they have shown a substantial ability to exist virtually anywhere they can obtain enough sunlight and water to sustain their needs. Their home within the strange jungles of the archipelago is one lacking any real signs of civilization aside from the occasional ruins left behind from the Elves that once claimed the region. The thick vegetation that grows there is heavily mutated and dangerous to most forms of life, but as natives of the location and plants themselves, the Ougham are able to pass through most of the region without issue, though there are still some dangers that remain even for them.    They thrive best in warm, humid locations that offer the most available sunlight possible.

Dietary Needs and Habits

These creatures, being plant based life forms, subsist on water and nutrients gained from the sun only. Cairne being what it is, only offers dim light through the cloud canopy in most locations, but this is enough for their needs, they having developed entirely after the changes to the world occurred. As for the hydration needs, this is much more important. While they can filter out some toxins internally, fresh water is needed to fully maintain their internal balance and supply the needed nutrients necessary to facilitate their needs. To this end, many will travel with filtered cisterns and other means of purification that they are able to collect on their travels.

Biological Cycle

No other sentient species feels the changing of the seasons quite like the Ougham do. While outwardly there is little to show for it, internally the changes are felt on a much more visceral level, affecting their behavior and even some minor aspects of their physicality.


Oughmic patience is legendary due to the pace at which they approach life. Time is viewed as a made up concept and they seldom notice the passage of it making them prone to get lost in moments just watching the world around them, often for days and weeks on end. "Time stands still for those that forget its importance." They abhor any form of neglect or abuse of the natural world aside from what is needed to survive. The nature of a collective hive mind is one that removes a great deal of the sense of individual, and an extremely heightened measure of group preservation. In all actions the concept of "will this harm or help the collective" is considered, and as they are driven by curiosity there is a great deal of internal concern for the safety of the "appendages"that travel into the outer world, as the collective experiences everything the individual does, and vice versa. This can lead to some awkward encounters and moments in the life of the individual, and the collective will very often intervene in matters determined to endanger the whole.    The Ougham have a lack of concept for the individuality most species take for granted, though within each is a small pretense of self. They have studied the other life on Cairne for many years and learned many things due to their ability to stand motionless and nearly invisible on one place for long amounts of time, able to casually observe the world around them without directly interacting with it, and though this knowledge gained a sort of self awareness that makes each "appendage" unique. Through this conceptualization, each Ougham takes a name usually based upon a function that they enjoy or deem important. This decision is made on an individual level, and is the foundation for each of them becoming a variant of the other Ougham rather than a direct copy. They learned very quickly that variances between them are what strengthen them and allow them to grow and evolve, saving them from the off chance a single flaw might destroy the entire species.     Despite their detached nature, the Ougham are actually very protective of their own, and have two means by which they will employ drastic measures if needed to do so. If an appendage that is deemed important to the collective is endangered, or an "appendage" is at risk of being manipulated or affected in a way that could potentially endanger the collective, the entire species can, if all agree upon it as a course of action, focus their psychic ability through one "appendage", creating a lethal shockwave that will disrupt the synapses of anything within the area. This is an extreme measure and has only been done twice in the time the Ougham have existed, and is not something they will ever do lightly, being fully aware of the consequences these actions can create.    The other extreme measure is a much more somber one. If an "appendage" becomes infected by something that could spread to the collective, or in a rarer cases, if the "appendage" exhibits continual behavioral trends that go against the collective's direction and influence, the "appendage" will be cut off from the rest of the species. This exile is something that generates an extremely rare case of an Ougham no longer able to access of be influenced by the thoughts and wishes of their species. Most go mad due to the isolation, but there are those that endure it and evolve independently from the whole, becoming a unique specimen of their species.

Additional Information

Social Structure

With the Ougham, this is a unique concept as they do not form settlements together and rarely spend time in the same locations for very long if at all. The Ougham believe their needs are better served by being as spread out as possible so as to maximize the potential for learning, growth, and the collection of information. There is ever an underlying sense of connectivity, however, as they all still function in a degree of unison. All Ougham are equal, with perhaps some small amount of respect paid to the older members of the community such as "I", but abuse of power is a concept the Ougham have not assimilated. They are even and fair tempered, and driven by an innate curiosity to understand the world they now inhabit. As a young race, not even a thousand years old, they are still evolving and growing into a fixture within the world. They are open and welcome, and have no qualms with sharing information about the world itself, however, they are very slow to release information about themselves or others of their kind, as working as a collective has taught them the folly of being too trusting. These creatures can be found in every corner of the world, exploring and collecting. They have no standing enemies or alliances, as world politics hold little meaning to them aside from being a passing curious behavioral quirk of the other races, and things such as money and power are a mystery that they just can't seem to grasp since they have no use for worldly possessions with rare exception. They do not eat as the other races do and do not need shelter to live in due to their physical nature and transient lifestyle. At any given time, all Ougham are aware of where each other are and what they are doing. It is an unconscious part of day to day life for them and one they barely notice. They primarily use this to avoid going to the same places and accidentally retracing steps. Though there is no outward way of noticing when it happens, the Ougham feel every loss on a poignant level, and the collective has been known to seek justice when one of their own has been cut down or abused. Ougham justice is an unstoppable force, and when they decide to seek it, they do not stop until it is done. They are patient, interconnected, and determined in all things. Their external relationships with others have been recorded and documented by many other races, as the Ougham are viewed by the outside world as a curious novelty at best and a nuisance at worst. For the most part they are treated with respect by most if not all other cultures as they cause little trouble and keep mostly to themselves. When the "O" decide to allow another creature to get close enough to learn about the collective as a whole and the Ougham as a solitary creature, the level of dedication is akin to the same dedication they have to their own, considering the creature they have chosen to be allied with as a deaf member of the collective. They rarely associate with Mentalists of other races, viewing them as a potential threat and one has never been allowed access to the collective thought stream.

Facial characteristics

The ougham have no facial structures. Their heads are smooth and clear with no discernable features.

Average Intelligence

Due to their access to the collective, Ougham exhibit a substantial intelligence in terms of ability to recall and access information stored within the hive mind's extended experience.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Lacking most of the common sensory perceptions one finds within the realm of organic life, the Ougham depend on a tympanic membrane by which they process sound instead. Able to sense the vibrations of movement around them allows them to navigate with ease through most terrain, and in some cases able to find things that eyes might miss. They are also very sensitive to shifts in temperature and gifted with a minor form of telepathy, by which they communicate lacking any type of mouth or organ that would allow for vocalization.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

In some cases, and Ougham that has remained in one location for too long may develop patches of mold of fungus that will attempt to feed on the the nutrients within the body of the Ougham itself. The Ougham view this as "being dirty" however, and upon noticing with go to great lengths to gently remove the offending growths and place them elsewhere.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Ougham choose a name for themselves based upon activities and observations that appeal to them, or that they feel are important, seeing both a name and a function to essentially be the same thing.

Major Organizations

The Collective is the hive mind state in which all connected Ougham exist in constant communication with one another and sharing every experience.

Gender Ideals

The Ougham do not have a concept of gender, and while they understand that other species do, they seen the ideal as something strange and inefficient, though some may opt to take on characteristics of one or another should it suit their needs.

Common Dress Code

The Ougham do not wear clothing, and in fact find it trite and constrictive, a hinderance to their ability to blend in and observe.


On the 42nd of Cortus 34 PR, at precisely the seventh hour, "I"  raised up its head from a small patch of earth within the Arven Archipelago and beheld the light with a featureless face. Enamoured by this, the newborn entity stepped forth and began to explore and grow. Finding a unifying interconnectedness to the life that surrounded it, the small creature was able to move about without risk and learn about the lush and strange environment it existed in. These explorations continued innocuously for thirty six years until either by chance or by fate, the creature expanded its explorations beyond the Arven Archipelago and made its way across a nearly submerged land bridge to The Greenlands Commonage where it encountered Ethelinda Loveridge amd Gildeh Jacobson in a life of death struggle. Consumed by its curiosity, "I" decided to intervene upon seeing the injured Gildeh losing her battle for life and the distraught Ethelinda unable to help. This led to "I"'s first encounter with the other life that inhabited the world, and sparked a curiosity that would never be fulfilled. The time he spent with the two made a distinct impact on the conscious awareness of the creature, as well as a slight shift in the physiological make up as well due to the experience he shared with them leading to the blood of the Volrishtad girl being absorbed by his body through the strange, tainted catalyst of the Void infused elven wine that led to her death which "I" experienced with her through a psychic connection. This experience had a lasting impact on "I" and would lead to their first creation of another creature like themselves, the beginning of the species moving forward. It is an experience that continues to influence the entire collective to this day. Fifty seven years passed and the species expanded exponentially, their number growing and their collective experience growing with it before "I" returned to the world to offer a final goodbye to the young Ongommu Tae girl, Gildeh, whom "i" never forgot. Following her passing, the collective began to move out into the world, exploring and experiencing all they could.

Historical Figures

Scientific Name
Aberrant Plant
Unknown. No Ougham has ever died of old age.
Average Height
2.5 meters
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The bodies of the Ougham are translucent, but close examination will show a nearly invisible vascular system existing within them. Certain chemicals and additives to the water they drink can cause a colored stain to appear within them or on the surface of the bodies, but with rare exceptions, they with break these down and pass them out of their system over time.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
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