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Oughamic Society

The Invisible State of O

An eternal enigma to most other species, the Ougham are set apart from all others in that they are not only unfamiliar with the true concept of individuality, but they are not technically animals either. Descending from plant life has given them a totally different view on life than that of their animal counterparts. Since they are never separated from one another and do not need a partner to procreate, they do not tend to form communities, instead opting to wander alone or occasionally in the company of other creatures for the sake of gathering information. The Ougham themselves consider themselves a unified mental community and often refer to themselves as the "O". As a species they are curious and patient, and generally hold no grudges or dislikes toward any other species. While they do what they can to keep a friendly demeanor, the subtleties of interpersonal relationships escape them due to the nature of their collective consciousness. When an Ougham refers to themselves using "I" or "me", they are referring to the entire race, or the "O". They can be perceived as aloof or even emotionally stunted by those who are not familiar with them, but they show emotion only when things affect them as a whole, so fear and other emotions are incredibly rare. The fact that they are physically translucent means they are used to not being noticed or being ignored and they have developed a way of life around this. It is not uncommon for an Ougham to stand in a corner or in an alley and just spend days watching and absorbing all the information that they can from that spot. These peaceful creatures rarely fight and never amongst themselves. Even though the possibility of a disagreement can happen within the collective, the information being passed back and forth happens so fast that these are resolved before most people paying attention would even know it had happened at all. When an altercation does arise that the Ougham cannot escape from, they are quick to retreat or use their innate abilities or other skills to subdue any threat quickly, as the collective feels all the pain of the individual. Each Ougham does have a unique skillset, and, just as any "body" functions, each part must fulfill their role building some form of diversity within the species to allow for growth through some small form of unique ability and keeping the entire collective whole from growing stagnant and predictable, thereby becoming an easy target for manipulation and even harm.


Foods & Cuisine

The Ougham on water: the Blight has affected most of the waters of Cairne, in one way or another. As their own origin lies in a void-touched mutation, the O are perhaps more tolerant of it than other races, but that's not to say they have no preference. Deep groundwater is considered a rare and valuable thing, and no small number of Ougham appendages are dispatched to delve the earth and luxuriate in the sources, delivering the sensation to the rest of the Collective. The altered mineral content of these waters can lead to strange changes in these appendages: discoloration, greater or lesser sizes, and the like.   Much like a medieval peasant child would spontaneously combust if fed a flamin' hot Cheeto, the Ougham would probably go buck wild if introduced to some pre-Blight river valley.   Sunlight is also considered to have different characters in different regions. The Point of Inception has that healthy, home-cooking flavor, the Commonage has a robust, almost over-rich body to it. Light in the God's Teeth Mountains is rarely experienced by the Ougham; the increase in UV radiation at that altitude gives it a powerful stimulant effect. Get an appendage up high enough into Culvarkt territory and they practically walk at normal speeds.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Ougham lack funerary customs, as from their perspective the Ougham have never died. When possible, however, the flesh of lost appendages is brought to the Greenlands Commonage as part of their clandestine arrangement with the Ongommu Tae. Even when the spark of the Collective is gone, Ougham flesh retains a certain connection...
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