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Leanbh Síoraí

In the beginning of the month of Senectus, 153 PR, a terrible storm blew in from the Blighted waters of the Ephemeral Sea that ran from the Bay of Glass across the entirely of the Eastern Wastes, moving in a southeasterly direction until it was lost over the Ramaal Jayiea desert. Nestled in that storm was the strange outline of the ghostly airship, the Fettered Cloud, which had made numerous appearances in the opaque skies above the Ventryte lands. While this rare occurrence remains a mystery, there are many stories of sightings of it and twice as many speculations as to how or why it appears, always nestled into a storm. This particular instance however, was unique in that, the events that occurred on the ground beneath its passage left a grisly path of destruction, the cause of which stirred a great deal of fear and concern within the Empire's top officials. Airtam was sent in to investigate and, if possible bring back the subject of their ire. The following letter is the initial report of the event in question.        
On the evening of the 43rd of Senectus, 153 PR, a severe storm originating from over the Blighted waters of the Ephemeral Sea was reported to have made landfall Southeast of the Bay of Glass, causing widespread damage and destruction across the Eastern Wastes. The storm was observed to be moving in a southeasterly direction until it dissipated over the Ramaal Jayiea desert. The storm’s high winds, torrential black rain, and intense lightning strikes, causing widespread damage throughout the region. The wind speeds were strong enough to cause structural damage to buildings, leaving many structures in ruins. The heavy rainfall caused flash floods that swept away caravans, roadways, and even a few small groups of Ventryte nomads that had attempted to seek shelter from the onslaught of the toxic rains.   During the height of the storm, witnesses reported seeing the strange outline of the airship, assumed to have been the Fettered Cloud, which had been previously spotted in the skies above the Ventryte lands on several occasions since the most famous one in 67 PR. The airship appeared to be caught up in the storm and was seen to be traveling with it. Witnesses reported seeing it moving erratically through the storm, as if it were caught up in the turbulent winds, its ghostly outline seeming to fade in and out of view, adding to the surreal nature of the event.   The trail of destruction left by the storm was immense, with entire communities devastated and countless lives lost. The disappearance of every single one of the Ventrytes stationed at the Hand Over Fist trading post only adds to the sinister mystery surrounding this event. The devastation continued southeast until it reached the settlement of Sand Wisp, where reports indicate that a terrible creature, accompanied by a horde of undead, emerged from the storm and laid siege to the location for the better part of a day. The attack resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives despite the best efforts of the Irregulars stationed there and the independent assistance of several desolation striders and a handful of my own agents as well (who acted in an unofficial manner) before the creature and its horde vanished along with the movement of the storm as it passed over.   The exact nature and origin of the storm and the creature that emerged from it remain unknown at this time. Investigations are ongoing, and further updates will be provided as they become available. The fact that the storm was apparently a cover used for an attack on the town of Sand Wisp, has raised concerns about the implications of this event. Given the severity of the storm and the unknown nature of the creature that emerged from it, it is imperative that the combined resources of both the Culvarkt L.O.S. and the Becht’s Intelligence Bureau conduct a thorough investigation into the event. The implications are far-reaching and suspicions are already spreading concerning the matter, many believing it to be a premeditated ordeal planned and executed by another nation, and it is vital that steps are taken to ensure the security of the region and to avoid a potential incident should the Ventryte people assume fault lie in the hands of either of our Empires, as we are both currently the only nations with the technology to field an airship.       L.O.S. Director of Operations,   Victor Vhank


In a hurried attempt to discover the nature of the storm and attack on the settlement of Sand Wisp without potentially causing an international incident, Airtam Morenthall was sent to the settlement in an "unofficial" capacity to learn the true nature of the events that unfolded there, preferably without drawing attentions to the Becht and Culvarkt nation, both of who the Ventrytes were already beginning to blame for the events that occurred, many of them seeing it as an attack against them engineered by the other two nations.

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As part of the leaked Morenthall publications following her death, these writings are generally easy to find, though there have been several attempts by Culvarkti and Becht agents alike to gather and destroy as many copies of this particular document as possible.

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The relevant contents of what Airtam found and wrote about during her visit to Sand Wisp garnered understandable attention from the Seanachaisian refugees and settlements, causing a small influx of seekers that made their way into the Eastern Wastes in an attempt to find for themselves what Airtam saw there.
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47th of Senectus to the 7th of Frigus 153 PR
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