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Le Mystère de l'Étoile

Easily one of the more painful and damaging documents included in the leaked collection is the investigation of Airtam herself and a junior agent of the Wraith Guard in the year 150 PR, as they attempt to uncover the truth behind the murder of the world's first celebrity icon resulting from the invention of the Culvarkt Spectral Illuminator. This investigation led them all the way to the capital of the Culvarkt dwarves in their high altitude citadel, Calvarkti, and what they uncovered there was terrifying. Below is the initial report of the disappearance and death of Lirien Duval as investigated by the Culvarkt Intelligence agency, the League of Steam:       
On the night of 5th Cortus, 150 PR, the Culvarkt League of Steam was informed of the disappearance of the renowned actress, Lirien Duvall, who was our' most prominent and first-ever celebrity born from the projections of the Spectral Illuminator. League of Steam agents immediately launched an investigation into the matter, suspecting foul play due to the evidence at her last known whereabouts.   Upon arrival at the scene of the disappearance, agents discovered a locked and empty dressing room. The room showed no signs of forced entry or struggle, but Lirien's personal belongings were left behind, suggesting that the disappearance was either not voluntary or intended to be short term. As the investigation progressed, it was revealed that Lirien had been working on a new projection project with a prominent director, Lucien Beaumont, who had been pressuring her to take on increasingly challenging stunts for the film, "Le Mystère de l'Étoile". It was also uncovered that a wealthy businessman had made several attempts to convince Lirien to quit the projection industry and become his wife, though the identity of that individual has yet to come to light.   Agents questioned both the director and the staff of the production facility, but no concrete evidence was found to implicate any of them. Further investigation revealed a strange turn to the case. Lirien had been working on a secret project with an unknown individual, likely the same unidentified person of interest that had been attempting to take her out of the projection industry. A crumpled letter found in the discarded refuse of her dressing room behind the facility promised to make her a fortune if she agreed to keep the deal secret from everyone, including her agent and family. Agents were unable to uncover any further details about the individual or determine the nature of their project or relationship. It is unclear whether this secret project was related to Lirien's disappearance and murder.   Several weeks later, Lirien's lifeless body was found in a remote part of the city, discarded in an alley in one of the industrial sectors and hastily hidden underneath some discarded crates. An autopsy revealed that she had been strangled. Despite a thorough investigation, agents were unable to uncover any further clues as the site was awash with chemical waste and runoff from a nearby factory. In the interest of public comfort, an alternative and believable stand in for the perpetrator of her murder has been selected and tried for the crime, and summarily removed from the public eye and sent into the Oubliette. For the indeterminate future, the case remains closed, and the true perpetrator remains at large.   L.O.S. Director of Operations,   Victor Vhank


The initial document was the investigation report into the missing actress and her murder by the League of Steam.

Document Structure

Publication Status

As part of the leaked Morenthall publications following her death, these writings are generally easy to find, though there have been several attempts by Culvarkti agenst to gather and destroy as many copies of this particular document as possible.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

There was a huge public outcry at the implication that the son of Joseph Culvarkt may have been guilty of an unimaginable crime. The Culvarkt citizenry were harshly divided by the information, and a great deal of tension exists within the Council of Houses because of it to this day with several of the presiding members of the other houses calling for a formal investigation, a request that has remained, largely in part, ignored.
Leaked Original
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
42nd of Cortus, 150 PR
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