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Goldspire Range

One of the most inaccessible and remote locations on the planet outside of the artic regions, this range of high mountains at the higher altitudes are capped in a permafrost that is constantly expanding and melting down into a constantly hanging cloud of golden spores that creates a localized greenhouse effect that generates enough rising heat to keep a constant cycle of steam rising up to replenish the moisture from above and feed the forests below. Almost nothing beyond casual observations from aerial studies in known about the region, though countless theories, superstitions, and legends persist.


This is an alpine region devoid of all known animal life. It is a unique occurance brought about by unknown aspects or forces of nature that have persisted since before the Blight. The mixture of climates and the unique fungal cloud offer a strange diversity and lack of animal life at the same time. The ice capped peaks, while devoid of the fungal spores, are at a high enough altitude that low oxygen conditions are prevalent and extreme low temperatures and high winds only serve to make it even more dangerous.


With the wind chill and the altitude, the temperatures at the peaks of the mountains can easily reach -50 degrees, with winds reaching up to two hundred fifty kilometers per hour making the location entirely uninhabitable.
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