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The Orphan

The Orphan

Whatever her origin or true nature, the Orphan is a true enigma within the world of Cairne. From her strange domain far within the Goldspire Range , she lives out her days in complete isolation due to the air surrounding the Golden Tarn being entirely toxic to breathe and the way into the valley in which she resides is impassable. Her entire existence is a mystery that persists within the seat of that most abstract realm, the domain of dreams. Harnessing the power of that place to inspire and encourage, she seeks out and endows certain individuals with a boon of power, pulling energy and substance directly from there and into the waking world to manifest wonders and horrors alike, often times with chaotic results. While there seems to be no real malice behind her actions, there is no real motive that can be ascertained either. It remains unclear what bargain she makes with those that agree to her gift, but when that time is over, those so gifted are never seen again, at least not in the waking world.

Divine Domains

Dreams, Chaos, Creativity

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A slight woman who seems to be fairly young with short cropped, brown hair, and gentle eyes.

Special abilities

She holds dominion over the realm of dreams and can grant access to that realm and the ability to draw power from there, manifesting it into the physical world and allowing it to be bent to the will of the one she has imparted this ability upon.

Apparel & Accessories

The Orphan is almost always described as wearing loose fitting clothes that appear to have been handed down or stolen from someone a size bigger than she is. She is often seen in a dirty smock as well, spattered with paint.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Very little is known about the Orphan, and what little there is known remains pure speculation from vague details gathered in dreams. The only constant seems to be her appearance and nature, and the location is which she seems to feel most comfortable, a tree house on the edge of Golden Tarn made of repurposed wood and scrap and filled will all manner of strange contraptions and abstractions. She is generally viewed as soft spoken and kind, with an infectious laugh, and while it is not unheard of for her mood to turn, it is seldom in anger that this occurs, rather she seems to only truly become upset when her visitors to the dream realm decide it is time to leave.

Morality & Philosophy

Chaos, but in its most pure and unfettered form seems to be the Orphan's true calling, for it is within chaos that dreams manifest and grow to maturity. There is no rhyme of reason that can be assessed in her motives or actions, and with those she chooses for her gift, this appears to be the expectation as well.
Divine Classification
Greater Power
Current Location
Short Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Known Languages


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