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Battles are ever prevalent in every world. No where, is there a lack of combat. Some worlds, some planes even, have more than others. However, so long as those that wish to conquer exist. So long as those that want to be stronger than others live. So long as weapons and war tactics are made. There will always be those fighting with all that they can. These are known as Combatants. Warriors from all ways of life and cultures, coming together in the fields of battle to prove their mettle.   Oftentimes found on the fields of battle, or perhaps as guardsmen in towns or keeps. They always have a weapon on them, be it a sword, an axe, or even a firearm. They are always ready for a fight, and a challenge.



These martial fighters hone their skill and physical prowess to a fine edge. Trained warriors and soldiers, the life of a combatant is a life on the front line. It takes strength of arms and of will to follow this path.



Guardsmen, soldiers, militia, mercenaries. These professionals make up the bulk of armies and gangs aalike. While the more straightforward among them are rank and file, there are still those that follow a more criminal path, throwing their skill into a group focused on illicit activities as hired muscle, bodyguards, and enforcers.

Social Status

Depending on their professional focus and employment, the public will likely judge them on their actions and the perceptions of the ones they follow.


Since this is a common profession, and a fairly easy one to embark upon, it is also arguably the most prevalent. The need for souls willing to bear arms for a cause is always in high demand, and as previously mentioned, every nation and culture utilizes their skillset on some level.
Alternative Names
Soldier, Guard, Mercenary, Knight
Every culture in the world utilizes combatants on some level, from the smallest settlement to the largest city.

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