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A combatant trained in the various militaries of the world is one that gains efficient and form based techniques. This is due to the arduous training one must undergo to wear heavier armors, something that is abnormal in the wastes after the Blight. Soldiers have learned to fight against groups of enemies, using their heavy armor as a buffer against smaller attacks as they cut through enemy lines. To see a Soldier on the battlefield on the other side is to see a wall rushing towards you.   Warning: This Martial Training subclass relies more so on Strength than Dexterity. Please take that into account when choosing it.


Other Benefits

Combatant Level Feature
3rd Wall of Resolve, Horde Defender
7th Battering Ram
10th Staunch
15th Mob Flayer
18th Titan’s Grip
    Wall of Resolve At 3rd level when you choose this subclass, you gain proficiency in Heavy Armor. Additionally, your speed cannot be dropped below 30ft by any effect, unless you are grappled, restrained or incapacitated.   You also gain the Defense fighting style if you don’t already have it. If you do have it, you may choose a different fighting style from the Combatant class.   Horde Defender When you reach 3rd level, you automatically learn the Sweeping Attack Technique, which doesn’t count against your total Techniques known. If you already know this technique, you may instead choose a different Technique that you do not know already.   When you perform this technique, you may choose one additional benefit from below:  
  • You may choose one more additional creature as part of the technique.
  • You deal your weapons damage to the second creature as well.
  • You gain a +2 AC bonus versus the attacks of those you damage with it.
    Battering Ram While wearing Heavy Armor, at 6th level you learn to use that as a powerful offensive tool. As an action, you may run in a line up to 30ft, stopping at the first creature you run into. Make a melee attack using your Strength modifier. You are proficient in this attack, and have advantage if you run at least 15ft. On hit, you deal 2d6 Bludgeoning damage, and knock the creature prone if they are Large or Smaller. On a miss, you instead run past them until you either finish the 30ft or run into another creature. You may continue after you hit a creature, but have disadvantage on further attempts this turn.   Staunch When you reach 10th level, you are hard to move and harder to knock down. You have advantage on all saving throws and checks against being knocked prone, pushed, pulled or lifted. Additionally, while wearing Heavy Armor and not incpacitated, you add your Constitution modifier to all of these rolls as well.   Mob Flayer Upon reaching 15th level, you may instead choose two benefits from your Horde Defender feature to add and may use the Sweeping Attack technique, once per turn, without expending a Technique Die during your Adrenaline Rush feature.   Titan’s Grip Due to your heavy training and talent for practiced forms, you have gained the strength and technique to wield large weapons with ease. You may now use any melee weapon with the two-handed feature in one-hand instead. Additionally, weapons with the versatile feature deal their two-handed damage when wielded in one hand instead.

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