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Between Two Thieves

Largely regarded as a generated work of fiction by the Burnt Crows to fit their narrative and throw the Bureau off the trail of their actual plans, this entry documents the final days of Airtam's life. The events contained herein are wildly fantastical and point towards a vast conspiracy at the heart of the Empire.         
19th of Senectus, 161 PR   It has been months since my clandestine meeting below the streets of Armuun, and I must say it was by far some of the most peaceful moments I have had in memory. I have had time for pleasant discussions and even a few debates here and there, and been able to, for once, imagine what life could have been like had I chosen a more normal path to progress.   As I sit here in my chambers, surrounded by dusty volumes and ancient scrolls, I cannot help but feel the weight of my decisions heavy upon my shoulders. I have been tasked with a monumental mission, one that could alter the course of history for the Empire and the entire world. Sighnai has put me into play as a means to begin tearing down the Bureau, to expose the corrupt dealings and foul deeds that the Empire has been involved in for the past two decades, if not longer. As such, I have begun my journey, delving deep into the records of the University and the Palace of Glass, even venturing as far back as the reign of Daimus III, but as I sift through the countless documents, searching for damning evidence against the Bureau and Geraldine, I am overcome with trepidation. What began as a quest for justice against a corrupt institution is slowly morphing into something far more dangerous.   My heart is torn, for I still believe in the Empire and all that it stands for. Yes, I am well aware of the mistakes it has made, but I cannot help but feel a deep loyalty and admiration for the ideals that it embodies. Innovation, invention, reaching beyond our worldly means, and yet, I cannot ignore the atrocities that have been committed, nor the need for accountability and justice.   It is a delicate balance that I must navigate, one that could have dire consequences if I make the wrong move, and yet, I am resolved to see this through, to use my intellect and wit to gather the evidence needed to bring the Bureau to its knees, for if we do not act now, if we do not expose the corruption and greed that runs rampant within our own government, then we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes of the past, and that is a future that I simply cannot accept.


This supposed series of journal entries documents the last days of Airtam's life and details what she believed to be a conspiracy that held a stranglehold upon the very core of the Empire.

Document Structure

Publication Status

As part of the leaked Morenthall publications following her death, these writings are generally easy to find.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Largely regarded as either entirely or partially fiction, this particular entry is well received for entertainment purposes, and for the way it adds to the legend of Airtam herself, however, since the vast majority of the details could not be verified most sensible Becht citizens pay it little heed.
Leaked Original
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
19th through the 23rd of Senectus, 161 PR


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