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The Cinder War: A World Shattered: Fourth World War

The Conflict


Despite so long working together on the Ripper Star and getting reports from it, things broke apart when the lost contact with the ship.   Tensions shimmered, fueled by resource scarcity, politcal instability, and a growing distrust. This all boiled over. So, the rise of radical ideologies cause the further breakdwon in international coopeation, setting the stage for a devastating conflict.

  • Resource Depletion: Centuries of industrial growth and a growing global population had pushed Caelum Prime's natural resources to the brink. Competition for vital supplies, particularly food and energy, became a major point of contention.
  • Political Fragmentation: The world order established after the Celestial Schism had fractured. Alliances crumbled, replaced by a web of suspicion and paranoia.
  • Rise of Nationalism: Nationalist movements gained power, exploiting fears and anxieties about resource scarcity and external threats.
The Spark: A series of escalating border skirmishes between rival nations over disputed territory ignited the conflict. The domino effect was swift, dragging former allies into the fray as accusations and counter-accusations flew.


The war became a brutal clash of conventional warfare, fought primarily on land and at sea:
  • Ground Warfare: Brutal trench warfare, reminiscent of the World Wars of old, dominated the battlefields. New and horrifying chemical and biological weapons were unleashed, adding another layer of terror to the conflict.
  • Aerial Warfare: Advanced fighter crafts and bombers engaged in deadly dogfights, raining down destruction on military targets and civilian populations alike.
  • Naval Warfare: Massive battleships clashed on the open seas, vying for control of vital trade routes and strategic resources.


The Cinder War was a horrific display of human barbarity:
  • Chemical and Bilogical Warfare: These indiscriminate weapons caused widespread death, suffereing, and long-term environmental damage.
  • Civilian Casualties: Cities became battlegrounds, and entire populations were caught in the crossfire.


The war brought unimanginable devestation:
  • Widespread Famine and Disease: Disrupted supply chains and agricultural destruction led to widespread food shortages and outbreaks of deadly diseases.
  • Economic Collapse: Global trade networks crumbled, and economies lay in ruins.
  • Psychological Trauma: Generations were left scarred by the horrors of war, facing a future filled with fear, uncertainty, and a shattered sense of security.

The Engagement

The war became a brutal stalemate. Despite advances in weaponry, entrenched positions and defensive strategies resulted in a bloody stalemate on most fronts.


  • Millions dead and countless wounded.
  • Widespread environmental damage from chemical warfare.
  • Global economic collapse and resource scarcity at an even more critical state.
  • Rise of isolationism and heavily fortified borders, nations wary of further conflict.


  • A new world order emerges, characterized by extreme nationalism, closed borders and a deep distrust between nations.
  • Strict regulation on military capablilities and weaponry.
  • Focus on self-sufficiency and resource management, caused by no more international trade.
  • A cultural shift towards a more survivalist and cynical outlook, with art and literature reflecting the trauma and despair of the war.

Historical Significance


The Cinder War serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of unchecked nationalism, resource scarcity, and the terrifying power of modern weaponry. It stands as a turning point in @cael's history, forcing a fractured world to confront the true cost of war and the long, arduous path towards rebuilding a shattered civilization.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
23 Solistice 2942 WAR
Ending Date
3 Verdantia 2950 WAR
Conflict Result
After eight long years of warfare, exhaustion and economic ruin stalled the war and closed the borders.

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