Legend of the Sayahafat Beast


In the ancient annals of the Sayahafat Beast, a timeless legend unfolds, recounting the tale of a valiant warrior princess and a majestic dragon that forever altered the fate of the region.  


Once, amidst the rugged beauty of the Sayahafat Hills, a fearsome dragon made its lair, guarding precious eggs within the labyrinthine caves. The dragon's scales shimmered like molten gold, earning it the name Sayahafat Beast  

The Encounter:

A courageous warrior princess, seeking glory and riches, stumbled upon the dragon's lair. Her initial intent was to slay the creature and claim its treasures, but as her eyes met the protective gaze of the dragon over its eggs, a profound connection was forged.  

The Conflict:

The princess, torn between her quest for glory and an unexpected empathy for the majestic creature, found herself in a moral struggle. Her men, oblivious to the dragon's silent plea, prepared to attack.  

The Noble Sacrifice:

In a tragic turn, the dragon, struck by a poisoned arrow in the midst of the conflict, faced imminent demise. Recognizing the princess's conflicted heart, it performed an act of profound magic in its dying breath.  


As the dragon succumbed to the poison, its essence intertwined with the warrior princess. In a burst of otherworldly energy, the princess was transformed into a draconic being, a guardian bound to protect the dragon's eggs for eternity.  


The transformed princess, now the Sayahafat Beast, assumed her role as a guardian of the dragon's legacy. She tirelessly watches over the eggs, a symbol of the enduring connection between humans and the mystical creatures of the Sayahafat Hills.   This legend echoes through the ages, reminding the denizens of the Sayahafat region of the enduring bonds that transcend the boundaries between different worlds and species.

Historical Basis

The Sayahafat Beast saved the wife of one of the founders. It never told its story directly, but they all saw a beautiful woman under the scales. And as they'd heard of the tales about the Kaldera's belief in dragons, this is the story that was passed down.


It has spread around the world, so that travellers and expedition teams from all over come in search of the Sayahafat Beast.

Variations & Mutation

In some tales, the princess is kidnapped by the dragon to tend to its eggs instead of her leading the charge against the dragon. Her father's men come to rescue her in this variation and when they poison the dragon, it changes it and kills them.

Cultural Reception

Other cultures view this legend as a cultural eccentricity, except for the Kaldera. Many Thalara study this legend, digging for the truth about the dragons and when the age the lived in.

In Literature

It is written down as well as passed orally. It's also influenced tales about dragons and princesses.

In Art

Petroglyphs and ancient carvings, depicting the legendary encounters are around the caves. There are also artwork around the world with the most being done and showed off in Asqah Caliphate.
Date of First Recording
900 AE
Date of Setting
In the Age of the Dragons
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