Dust Rain


When the apocalypse starts, dust rain falls. It falls like normal rain but it small chunks of compacted dust. It's not hardened rock. It is dirt brown with a slight golden touch to the color and falls from clouds that are just slightly darker in color.   When it touches someone, it has a chance of turning them into one of the Eaters. This dust rain has been part of the Gloombringers long term plans, using Razul's plague as part of it. No matter what it always burns (similar to a cigarette burn). Some people are either naturally immune or immune thantks to Infinite Grace. If the person is immune because of Infinite Grace, they also heal almost immediately after being burned by the dust rain.   As the dust rain hits the ground, it devestates all living things. Its effects on inorganic material is slowier or non-existent, which means that people are safe inside of building and vehicles.


This happens all over Caelum Prime. There is only one truly safe place to be (besides with the Guardian of Caelum PrimeStarlight Valley. The magick of this area prevents the dust rain from landing.
Metaphysical, Elemental

Cover image: by Lady Wynter


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