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Dalkit Admiralty Court

Located just a block away from the Star & Dragon Yacht Club Facilities Building on Dalkit 422 IX, the admiralty building functions as the court of justice for all mining claims and disagreements. Consisting of five courtrooms, over a hundred offices, and a large room for data storage and transmittal, it is one of the larger buildings on the planet.   A recent addition to the court building is a detention area. There are also three shuttle pads located on the premises, allowing quick access for those who need to file claims quickly. It is staffed all day and night, although typically only a skeleton staff is present after normal working hours. There is also a tunnel that leads directly to the Star & Dragon Yacht Club Facilities Building so clients can celebrate wins and attorneys and staff can gather after hours.

Purpose / Function

The building housing the Admiralty Court of Dalkit is used for adjudicating claims, crimes, and other disputes that arise among the miners in the Dalkit 422 System .


The architecture is utilitarian, constructed of composites, and strictly functional. There has been no need for fancy or beauty for this building which is meant to be purely functional.


The building was constructed prior to the gap and has maintained it's use. It was an outgrowth of an informal court originally held at the Star & Dragon Yacht Club Facilities Building but when the miners recognized that a more formal system required a dedicated building to house records and proceedings, it was built.


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