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Great Library


  • Arcane
  • Relics
  • History
  • Theology
  • Cartography
    for thousands of years before the sundering The Great library of mendereth was the seat of power and of all knowledge in the continent of Eledoria.   Archmages studied and practiced in the many towers of the library while archivist cataloged and maintained the many discoveries in histories of the world.   Before the Sundering the Great Library of XXXXXXX housed all the knowledge of the old world. Existing for thousands of years it along with the archimages in the Towers of XXXXX the study of magic and the known world thrived.   After the sundering the Library lay in ruins. The Towers toppled into the newly formed sea around it. The lower floors all the remained. What was worse was that the books and scrolls were barren, all written words erased from ancient tomes and manuscripts.     After the settlement of The Republic of Menevriath was founded work began on the rebulding of the Library. First Archivist the first Archivist started interviewing the oldest of the elves trying to document the history of the world before the Sundering. This was the beginning of what would become the Great library.   Other elves joined First Archivist collecting as much as they could while the plague swept through Arcadia.   Elder mages teaching Archivist the arcane arts. Desperate to preserve the rest remnants of ancient elven magic.   Cartographers went out the edges of the world attempting to map the new world.     In modern times the Library's focus has shifted to exploring and cataloging new discoveries, largely in Arcane fields.   Arcane is the largest wing. Acting more like a college for mages. Has the largest influence in the city.   Relics wing. next largest wing. Holds many magical and ancient relics under lock and key. All old world discoveries make their way through this wing before their information can be recorded in the other wings. Is connected to all other wings and has representatives from each wing.   Theology and history are smaller than the relic and arcane wings.   Cartography smallest wing, in the oldest smallest unrenovated tower. No influence in the city.


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