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Tom Corwyn

Tom Corwyn (a.k.a. Old Tom)

The benefits and burdens of owning the largest farm in Wreath fall to Tom Corwyn and his wife, Edith. Of humble stock, he's the descendants of a line of Corwyn halflings who have tended to the farm for a few generations. Due to their longer lifespans as Halflings, he and his wife have seen more than their fare share of new neighbors and older funerals for their Human neighbors. Still, their farm is the largest single source of employment in town, and as such is due a measure of respect for that reason alone.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A an average halfling he stands about 4 ft. tall with a rather stocky build for a halfling. At a glance, he might have even been considered a shorter, and slightly thinner dwarf

Body Features

He has the tanned, leathery skin of someone who works outdoors frequently. His brown hair is actually bleached to a lighter, dirty blond after his being in the sun for so many years. He's quite robust for a halfling.

Facial Features

He has a short, scruffy beard, mostly straight hair that is darker brown in color.

Apparel & Accessories

Commonly wears overalls, work boots, and a tan shirt, occasionally with a straw hat.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tom's personal upbringing couldn't have been more normal. Work from sunup to sundown and the occasional festival is the majority of what Tom knows. Still, he's had to travel to the Capital on at least one occasion to seek a loan to expand his farm and check on his own extended family.   Considering his standing as prominent farmer and employer, he has considerable clout in town affairs. Most people describe him as stern in business dealings, but otherwise generous and jovial.


Tom was taught the farming profession by his father, Danforth Corwyn, basic arythmetic, reading and writting from his mother Elizabeth Corwyn.


He is currently the proprietor of the Corwyn farm, and as such employs a good number of people to help him.

Mental Trauma

His daughter Perryrill's possession in 975T was a deeply disturbing event for him and his family. Additionally, this occurred during the freak storm of 975T so much of the town was destroyed as well.


Speaking of the possession is a grievous faux pas.

Personality Characteristics


Just wants to leave his family with good land and a decent savings.


Family Ties

Edith Corwyn is his wife.   Daughters: Perryrill Corwyn 15 y/o & (PC #2 Corwyn [adopted]) unknown age.   Son: Galen Corwyn, 5 y/o.

Religious Views

A devout of Melandras, godess of the land/harvest.

Social Aptitude

Due to his age and experience, he can manage himself pretty well in most social situations provided he's not blindsided by something.


He frequently holds his hands behind his back when speaking or surveying something.

Wealth & Financial state

He has about 1000 gold's worth in total assets.   These include his farming equipment, beasts of burden, and general tools. However, in terms of immediately accessible wealth, only about 200 golds worth of goods and money.

Lawful Good
Current Location
The Village of Wreath
Year of Birth
840 (140 years old)
The Village of Wreath
Current Residence
Corwyn Farm
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Skin Tone
Lightly tan
Short curly brown
Known Languages
Common, Halfling Jargon

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