The Daemon Cypher

They are a secretive bunch, those magi-technicians, always talking in that weird code of theirs. No wonder there are so many rumours flying around about the Institute
— overheard on the street

  The precise knowledge on how Daemon Devices are made is a closely guarded secret. The engineers responsible for their creation keep any information pertaining to their making in a secret cypher, known only to members of the Institute of Magi-Techinicians. The cypher is very complicated and even if someone could decipher it they would still be hard pressed to understand half the terminology used.
  The Institute Although widely known throughout Salike, there is still a great degree of secrecy attached to the organisation. Everyone knows that this is where the Daemon Devices are developed and created but few are privvy to it's internal workings. Those who work there are close lipped about their research and many conspiracy theories have developed as to why this might be.

A secret well kept

Each technician must memorise the cypher by heart, as it is forbidden for them to write it down. In fact there is only one known written copy of the decryption in existence. This is held in a secret vault within the institute building and only a handful of members are entrusted with access to it.

A Clever Mind

The cypher is the brainchild of Gregorin D'Shae, one of the institutes founding members. After several attempts to break into the institute to steal sensitive information, he set about coming up with a way to keep their secrets safe. The cypher took several months to create and test before he was happy with it.


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