A gift from the sky

Space rocks

Every twenty years The Traveller's appearance is accompanied by meteor showers which rain small space rocks down upon the planet. Most of them are too small to do any real damage, though some have been known to destroy buildings or cause small craters. The first time The Traveller appeared in the sky the rocks which fell were bigger and caused much more damge, though not as much as The Great Quake was causing at the time. These unassuming rocks have changed the face of Salike and will only continue to do so.  

Clever minds

The lands surrounding Salike are rich in meteorites and over time people realised that these rocks contained metal ore. The metal proved difficult to extract and even more so to work with, but eventually a few clever minds figured it out, the trick was to mix it with other metals to create alloys. Those clever minds were the beginning of what was to become the Intsitute of Magi-Technicians and the metal became instrumental in the creation of the Daemon Devices.  

A piece of the Divine

To adherents of the Way of the Three Orders the meteorites shed by the Traveller are considered to be divine in nature, believing them to be pieces of The Messenger of the God Kyevyag. As such they are vehemntly against the use of the metal in the Daemon devices, and the leaders of the Orders have repeatedly petitioned the rulership to ban all use of the meteorites for anything other than religious purposes. Needless to say they are constantly clashing with the Institute in a battle they have no hope of winning: since Daemon tech is such a big part of life in Salike, it is unlikely it's usage will stop any time soon. This however, does not prevent them from being very vocal in their objections.

Fortunes made

The Institute is willing to pay a lot of money for meteorites, and there are those who make a decent living from finding and collecting the space rocks. On the rare occaision someone finds one of the larger meteorites the sale of this one rock can set them up for life. People have been known to spend their whole life hunting for that one big score that will make them rich.


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17 Jul, 2020 10:32

Spaaaace roooocks! :D   I remember you talking about the meteorites in a previous article. I love how important they are in Daemon tech, and the conflict you've introduced with the religious order is very interesting. :) Relying on space rocks that only fall every twenty years must be difficult, though.

17 Jul, 2020 12:54

Yeah, that is why i had them make an alloy out of the metal, so it would last longer. Also only the little puzzles sphere's that trap the Daemons are made from it so they don't need huge amounts. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
18 Jul, 2020 16:24

I love The Traveller as a name for a metorite. Those Daemon Devices must be very expensive! Do devotees of the Way of the Tree Orders condone recapturing/destroying/melting down Daemon devices, or would they still be considered partly-divine because of their origins?

Cait x
19 Jul, 2020 00:29

The Devices are quite expensive yes. And that is a good question about the recapturing of the devices. I will have to consider that one. Thanks for reading!

Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
19 Jul, 2020 15:40

You're welcome! ^^

Cait x