WriterGreg's Boxes

  You can hug all the boxes you want, but I want to get rid of them.
— WriterGreg
  WriterGreg’s boxes to James The Teleporting Tiger are an enjoyable item as some are squishy while others are not. James The Teleporting Tiger hugs WriterGreg then his boxes. while James enjoys the hug from Greg, the boxes allow for tighter hugs while allowing Greg to write and sell his words to sell his words at auction hopefully to James’ House, House Lapin.   The Boxes are regarded as a “Drug / Narcotic / Medicine” as James has to force himself not to hug the boxes.   In The Great Siege Against Automod James imbued a box of Greg's with the ability of generating lemons for a short period.  
James I hope you’re not hoping in going to make a 24-hour stream with all these Lemons!
— WriterGreg Showing Concern For James
  The lemons showed to be formidable to the clutches of the evil Automod causing short circuits in its circuits causing sparks and other electrical harms to Automod.
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine

Cover image: Blood Panther by Aydan Nightshade with Canva


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