James The Teleporting Tiger

(a.k.a. Tiger-James)

/me James as a tiger hugs everyone in chat unless they are the undead.

James the teleporting tiger is a friendly weretiger who likes hugs. James prefers his tiger form over his human existence because he sees it as more fun. In his tiger form, he can speak English. James can teleport to any place that has a Tiger Basket.   These baskets are in the location of his friends’ houses, he often spends time with one friend and in the morning can be found in another basket asleep, giving his friends a happy surprise. The friend in question often strokes his fur or is happy to see James and awaits a hug when he wakes up. His favourite location is the US as it has mountain lions , which are his favourite thing to hunt. James can also be found in British Columbia, to give company and support to the streamers he is with. Although known to be living in the UK, James is not known to be in the country that often if at all.   James has many abilities, these are but are not limited to;  
  • Teleporting to Tiger Basket.
  • Licking someone’s face without causing damage.
  • Roaring at an internet router to scare the internet into working
Some unwelcomed abilities are; being able to sing which to Dazzlikat thinks sounds like howling, taking part in a ritual called The Blood Panther or using Baensidhe as a teddy bear.   James can be found with differences in his appearance. These can be; in his normal tiger form, covered in Ocelots, in his golden armour, having finished the ritual; The Blood Panther and of course although rarely in his human form.   James only wears his armour if he is going into battle with the undead or feels threatened, but will more than likely use his teeth and claws of his tiger-form.   James' enemies are the undead, but mostly it is a bot known as Automod. Whenever the bot attacks one of his friends or a friend of a friend, James will attack the bot with his teeth and will bite in the throat.  

Physical Description

Apparel and Accessories

Although hardly seen on James, he has a set of tiger armour, which is golden in colour. Another accessory he owns is a teddy bear which famously has the word "AUTOMOD" stitched on its forehead, which also has one of its ears bitten off.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He often hugs his friend, then something that is seen as worthless by that friend. For example, he would hug Kahuna then his Trash Can or hugging WriterGreg and then his Boxes in his office.

Likes & Dislikes

James likes to hunt and eat Mountain Lions. If one of his friends say that they are hungry he will give the dead Mountain Lion to his friend like a house cat.
Chaotic Good
Brown (Human Form)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Orange and stripy fur (While in Tiger-form).
White (In Human Form)
5' 11" (Human Form)
Known Languages

Cover image: Blood Panther by Aydan Nightshade with Canva


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