Slave Armlet

This article has spoilers for a story I want to write in November's War called The Tiger's Tail.

Not that this needs to be said, because of the title of this article, but Content Warning: For human enslavement.

  A Slave Armlet is an item of jewellery worn by human slaves. This jewellery comes in four types, one stone and three metals and is worn on the upper right arm. Human slaves wear this with a collar and shackles, which can include chains. Beyond this, they are naked, unless the weather requires them to wear clothes.   Stone armlets are worn by slaves that are in markets to be sold. If the slave has been sold before then they will wear both stone and the metal, that they are designated.   These metals are; Silver, Gold and Platinum.   Silver - All male slaves.
Gold - All female slaves.
Platinum - All slaves owned by The Victor but in limited supply.

Metal Definitions

While the metals have their intrinsic value, that being that silver out of the three metals is cheaper than the other two. While this is the case for platinum, showing a status that the slave of either sex is owned by The Victor.   While we see silver as "lesser" or cheaper in reality sentient tigers do not see the difference and use the metals for their colour, not their value.   Gold is given to female slaves to mark them out so that they can become childrearing. This is not the only thing they do, regardless of their state of gestation, they can do labour that requires them to sit or be less active such as repair work and cooking the slops, for them and the other slaves.   Male slaves are given silver to indicate their labours are much needed. As they do the heavy labour of farming and mining that is suited to their frame. Male slaves are also used as servants because of their capacity not to be child bearers.


The Armlet has the design of a tiger curling up the slave's arm with its mouth open, roaring. When worn, the head end is pointing up.
Item type
Former Owners
James The Teleporting Tiger (Platnium)
Owning Organisation
The Chosen Ones

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