The Victor

This article has spoilers for a story I want to write in November's War called The Tiger's Tail.
Content Warning: Slavery.
  The Victor is a title that is owned by a Sentient Tiger, who rules the tiger empire, The Chosen Ones.


An appointment is through combat. Every 4 years when a Sentient Tiger wants to challenge the current Victor for the title. The event is one of cage fighting with no hole barred both tigers can use their claws and is a show of strength.   If the current Victor is a slaveholder, the slave if not a Were Tiger, they are sat restained to a mock wooden throne. If they are a Were Tiger they will be placed in a fake cage of bamboo for showing. In either case, they too are shown in pride of place.   The slave wants the current Victor to win as it means that they will be treated better, than if their owner wasn't.


They get to run the empire known as, The Chosen Ones.


The victor gets to show off that he owns his slaves with the slave owning a platinum Armlet. They also get better food and drink. They don't have to care about meal preparation for themselves or their slaves.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If they do not win the cage fight. They can in the next 4 years try to earn their title back.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
Length of Term
4 Years
Related Organizations
Slaves Owned
James The Teleporting Tiger

Cover image: Blood Panther by Aydan Nightshade with Canva


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