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The Provectians

"The keys to our future is sown in the seeds of their past."

Written by: jester2b
Cover Art by: Rafael Sewa

The Eternal Enigma

Scattered across the entirety of Nostrina are the ancient and awe-inspiring structures of the Provectians. Far more advanced and unlike anything else found on Nostrina, the Provectians have been the subject of curiosity and wonder for the world's inhabitants since the dawn of mankind.

Speculated Biology

Since a Provectian has never been seen alive or the remains of one been discovered, one can only speculate on the biology of this ancient civilization. Fortunately, their technology and architecture give some ideas about what they may have looked like. Despite the strange alienness of their structures, they can be easily accessed by Nostrina inhabitants. Furthermore, some artifacts discovered within Provectian installations were made to be worn by humanoid species, suggesting that the Provectians had human proportions. Some have theorized that the Provectians may be the evolutionary ancestor of humans on Nostrina.


Provectian architecture is unmistakable and unlike anything else found on Nostrina. Ancient spires stand above the landscape, pulsing with magical energies used to power these enigmatic installations. These towers are only the tip of the iceberg, though, as many Provectian structures reach far underground, with some stretching out for miles beneath the earth. These installations are mainly built with a material commonly referred to as Provectian Alloy, a synthetic metal that doesn't rust and is yet to be replicated by Nostrinan researchers. The exact metals used to make the alloy are unknown and are believed to have originated from an alien realm. Because of the alloy's durability, Provectian structures have been able to endure for thousands of years, keeping them remarkably preserved for researchers and explorers.

Magic and Technology

The name Provectian was given to them by researchers, the name originateing from the old Arrini word for advanced, for there is no other word to describe the many wonders of this civilization. From incredible artifacts capable of things Nostrinians could only dream of to applications of magic that were thought to have never been possible. Even simple things like the automated doors and ley lines transporting magical energies across the structure are far beyond what the denizens of Nostrina have accomplished.   Within some structures, explorers have uncovered various portals leading to realms beyond Nostrina. Some portals lead to megastructures within artificially created pocket realms serving as inhabitable worlds. The most notable example of this is Spirahiem, an artificial world inhabited by those attempting to understand the inner workings of the world and by some enthralled by its wonder.   A facet of Provectian magic that has baffled Nostrinian mages are the Anima Intelligences, sentient beings artificially created through pure Anika energies. Nostrinaian mages have been able to create magical constructs. However, these require the modification of existing soul energy to act as a "brain base" for the construct and are only able to follow a set list of instructions given to them by their creator. Depending on their intended function, Anima Intelligences are capable of thinking on their own when making critical decisions while carrying out their tasks. Anima Intelligences known as Superintendents, oversee installations and are the most commonly encountered of these beings. These beings manage in the operation of their designated installations and activate proper defenses during emergencies. Interactions with Superintendents are scarce, as they prefer to watch quietly as guests admire their makers' achievements.


Throughout history, the ancient Provectian structures dotting Nostrina have been a source of inspiration and wonder for mankind. Ancient peoples often worshiped these sites, believing them to be the homes of gods and great spirits, and refused to enter them in fear of defiling such holy places. Others have explored the metal towers to find powerful artifacts and ancient knowledge within that has changed the course of history. Some believe the key to the future is found through understanding the Provectians, while others fear it will be our undoing.

The Yoweza Wajibu

The old kingdoms of Yunkubir are some of the oldest cultures within Nostrina and are home to many Provectian installations. From its earliest days, the Yunkubiri have been enamored by these structures and based many of their cultural practices around them. One of the most well-known is the Yoweza Wajibu, a religious concept that states the duties and responsibilities of the Yunkubiri as the chosen caretakers of Nostrina. This doctrine has been the basis of their culture and the expansion of the Yunkubiri empire across southeastern Imkelek throughout the centuries.

Rass Provesstum

After the Rass Afriss in Marastrix, a group of Varaki explorers and opportunists dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the Provectians departed their homeland and founded Rass Provesstum in 1104 1E. The group established its base of operations in the southeast of modern-day Korhem inside a lone Provectian tower built on the side of a mountain. The secretive clan has been attempting to unravel the mysteries of these ancient peoples from the day forward and has based their entire culture around it. Their banners are blue and decorated with symbols representing their dedication to the Provectians. The clan has often come to blows with outsiders due to their zealous guarding of Provectian sites, unwilling to trust others with their discoveries, and the powerful relics within. In recent years, the group has been at war with Rass Cressull, an off-world clan of Varaki seeking to use the ancient technologies to fuel their conquests.

The Rule of Torfinn, the Alloyed King

Rise to Power
Perhaps Rass Provesstum's mistrust of others is based on experience. In the later centuries of the first era, a group of mages and warriors of the old Clan Sjelbrann proved how dangerous Proventian technology could be in the wrong hands. For much of its history, Clan Sjelbrann was a small group located within eastern Kronenstien with little significance. When Kronenstien became a massive empire that spanned the entire northern regions of Ostenland, Clan Sjelbrann quickly joined the growing empire and fought in its many wars of expansion.   Their home of Harolbor was built around a Provectian spire that was once used as a religious site in ancient times but was converted into a study by the Jarl's adviser Torfinn. Torfinn served as the loyal advisor to the Jarl and as the court wizard for Clan Sjelbrann and was responsible for the clan's newfound interest in Provectian technology. Under his guidance, the once sealed-off chambers of the Provectian spire were opened, and Torfinn's work could begin. The ambitious mage wasn't content with serving as just an advisor and sought to overthrow the Jarl.   After years of experimentation, Torfinn made an incredible breakthrough and created a powered prosthetic limb out of Provecitan Alloy. The prosthetic gave him unparalleled magical abilities and allowed him to interface with Provectian technology seamlessly. After augmenting his body with the metal limb, Torfinn enacted his plans and overthrew the Jarl of Horalbor singlehandedly in 1781 1E. Under his rule, those who swore loyalty to Torfinn were granted the chance to become augmented with limbs made of Provectian Alloy. Soon Torfinn discovered ways to replace other body parts with metal replacements, including the eyes and even the heart, which allowed one to live far longer than an average human lifespan.   With an army of augmented warriors, Torfinn set his sights on all of Kronenstien. None were prepared to face the might of the Alloyed King and were swiftly conquered. By the year 1785 1E, the eastern half of Kronenstien was under the control of Torfinn's forces.
Allied Front
The rest of Kronenstien's forces gathered within the capital city of Hendilstid. Under King Goran's leadership, the troops of Kronenstien made plans to prevent the complete invasion of the Alloyed King. In 1786 1E, the unified forces of King Goran would clash with Torfinn's army at Bjørnetann in what would become the largest battle in all of Kronenstien's history. Both sides sustained heavy losses, but Kronenstien's forces would claw out a victory and beat back the Alloyed King's forces. This historic victory would mark the beginning of the end of Torfinn's rule. Far too stretched out to maintain the large territory they captured, Torfinn's forces would be beaten back as the unified armies liberated settlements under his control. By 788 1E, the dwindling forces of the Alloyed King were holed up in Harolbor, awaiting the eventual assault on the city.   In the summer of that year, Kornstien's forces sieged the city of Harolbor. The bloody siege lasted two weeks as Torfinn's augmented warriors fought to their last against King Goran's warriors. Torfinn proved exceptionally dangerous to Goran's army and routed many of their attempts to break through Harolbor's defenses. Despite their best efforts, the city would fall, and Torfinn would be slain by Goran's daughter Signe Goran in battle. Before his death, Torfinn destroyed all traces of his research so that King Goran's forces would never be able to replicate his accomplishments. With the defeat of the Alloyed King, it is believed that all of his augmented warriors were killed in battle or would go into hiding, hunted down for their transgressions against Kronenstien and its people.

Primeval Era

Unknown - 0PE

An age of great beasts, before mankind wandered this world.

  • Unknown Year PE
    Provectian Settlement on Nostrina
    Construction beginning/end

    At an unknown time, the first Provectian installations were constructed across Nostrina. These structures have been found in every part of Nostrina, though their highest concentration have been found in Kronenstien, Yunkubir, Tukubinu, Enceladus, and Junimal.

Ancestral Era

1 AE - 4000 AE

Time before the creation of the Luetic calender.

  • Circa 10 AE
    First human discovery of Provectian structures
    Discovery, Exploration

    The first humans of the Ancestral era were enamored by the mysterious installations scattered across their homes. Some of these early groups feared what may be lurking within these structures, while others were taken to worshipping the magnificent metal structures.

  • 1104 AE
    Founding of Rass Provesstum
    Gathering / Conference

    After the Rass Afriss, a group of Varaki dedicated to studying the Provectians departed Marastrix and found Rass Provesstum. This clan has been at the forefront of Provectian research throughout the centuries, though they are often unwilling to share their findings with outsiders.

First Era

1 1E - 1000 1E

The first recorded millennium on the Luetic Calender.

  • 781 1E
    The Rise of Torfinn the Alloyed King
    Era beginning/end

    Torfinn, once the loyal advisor to the Jarl of Harolbor, made a breakthrough in his research allowing him to create powered prosthetics made of Provectian Alloy. With these newly crafted limbs, Torfinn would overthrow the Jarl of Harolbor and begin his quest to dominate Kronenstien.

  • 786 1E
    The Battle of the Bjørnetann
    Military: Battle

    The unified forces of Kronenstien and the Alloyed King clashed in central Kronenstien at Bjørnetann. The massive battle brought untold death and devastation to both sides, but Kronenstien's forces would eventually claw out a victory over the Alloyed King's forces.

  • 788 1E
    The Siege of Harolbor
    Military: Battle

    After being beaten back by the Kronenstien's forces, Torfinn's army made one last stand in their home city of Harolbor. Despite the power of the augmented warriors and their king, they were soon defeated. Before his death, Torfinn destroyed all traces of his research to prevent anyone else from replicating his research.

Second Era

1 2E and Beyond

The second recorded millennium on the Luetic Calender.

  • 207 2E
    The Discovery of Spirahiem
    Discovery, Exploration

    Researchers exploring the Provectian installation beneath the Vinterklo found a portal leading to the artificial realm of Spirahiem. The beautiful world has since become home to many seeking to fully understand the inner workings of the world.

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