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Yonīti is the capital of the Principality of Tinaurīr. It is also one of the primary ports of the Eastern Principalities and a source of fish and other seafood for Tinaurīr and Īyonī.   The bay Yonīti sits on is protected by a number of large contructs, designed to arrest the inrush of the sea if another tsunami hits like the one that destroyed the little fishing village in 1533 CT.


Founded in 1504 CT, Yonīti started as a simple fishing village. This was during the time when the Kaushan were starting to move from the desert and settle into their new lands.   By 1533 CT, Yonīti was a larger community. They had a booming fishing industry, supplying fish to communities as far away as three days travel. But in the fall, disaster struck. A tsunami hit, destroying the town and killing nearly a third of the population. The survivors vowed to rebuild.   By 1545 CT, the town had been completely rebuilt and was, in fact, grown beyond what it was before the tsunami. In addition, they had deployed a marvel in the bay in the form of a series of baffles designed to reduce the impact of any future tsunami.   In 1649 CT, Naurīr naqī Qīval visited at the age of 15.   In 1656 CT, Naurīr returned, not for the first time. But this time it would be to make Yonīti his home as he named the city the capital of his newly granted Principality of Tinaurīr.
Founding Date
1504 CT
Owning Organization

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