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Oath Keeper

The battle was hard fought, but the rebel's commander finally surrendered. The General didn't trust this leader and knew he commanded fanatically loyal soldiers. He wasn't certain the surrender was in earnest.   "Bring me Calemor," the general told his aid.   A few minutes later, Calemor, a mercenary that generally fought on the side of justice, entered the tent. "You asked for me, sir?"   "Yes. Is it true that your sword can enforce promises made, regardless of the intent of the one making the promise."   "Oath Keeper? Yes. To a certain exent it binds those who make a promise in it's presence to the promises made. Even more so when done upon the blade itself. May I ask why?"   The General stood, straightened his jacket, and placed his arms behind his back. "Hmmm…well, this rebel leader who just surrendered, I've asked that they be brought here. I don't trust his unconditional surrender and would like to put trust in his words. Your sword could help with that."   "Yes, indeed it could." Calemor moved to stand beside the General as the commander was brought in.
  Oath Keeper is a Champion's Sword created by Dæleon. It is a double-edged short sword etched with binding magic written in Thevan as well as intricate designs showing a symbols of honor. The hilt is simple, but beautiful, wrapped in a patterned leather, with a steel alloy crossguard. It is somewhat more powerful than similar, not magic, swords, and cuts deeply against active liars.   Its primary ability is to cause those who make a pledge, or promise, or swear an oath in its presence or upon the blade itself to honor that oath without fail, regardless of the intent of the oath maker. This is done via a magically embedded compulsion gauged strictly at the oath as made. If the oath is completed to the letter, it will be considered fulfilled and the compulsion dropped. However, it is honored to the letter, not the intent, so those under the sway of Oath Keeper may find ways around the oath as made. The recipient of the pledge is also held by the magic so that if they violate their side of the bargin, the promise is broken and the bound party is released.
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Weapon, Melee
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