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Kestern Leidevelt

Kestern Leidevelt

Kestern is the lead professor of engineering at Fort Brickard and is the father of Daveer Leidevelt. He is known for being Lennik Balassar's closest friend, who invoked the Brickard rites twice on his behalf.


Initial Years at Brickard

Kestern moved to Brickard in 1511 upon being accepted as an engineer there, secretly bringing his orvon wife with him. Due to his varied interests and skills, he began simultaneously studying at the Academie, where he met Lennik and they quickly became close friends. In 1514, Lennik invoked the Brickard rites to allow Kestern to officially assist on the Beourjen-Ethanian railway project. He recieved lots of recognition for his work on the project initially before the The Beourjen-Ethanian War began.

Beourjen-Ethanian War

In 1517, Kestern was drafted and stationed near Chamberv, where he served until 1523, upon finding out his wife was pregnant with their child. Because his wife's presence in the city was still hidden from Beourjen authorities, Lennik and Brickard's High Commander arranged an undisclosed leave of absence for Kestern in the fall of that year. However, as the war reached its final stages Kestern was requested back at Chamberv and was eventually forced to return just before his wife was due.

Daveer's Birth

Three days after Kestern left for his final assignment at Chamberv, his wife gave birth to a son, Daveer Leidevelt. As Kestern's leave of absence posed a suspicious nature in the military records, High Commander Duxtour had had his chaska look into the matter and, in finding out about his wife and son, Duxtour dragged Kestern's wife from Brickard to the executioner's square and had her publicly executed.

Lennik was able to bargain with the Triadic to spare both Kestern and Daveer, and was granted custody of Daveer until Kestern returned a month later. Due to the nature of Kestern's offense, however, he was castrated and forbidden from marriage through the lottery.


Murave Leidevelt


Towards Kestern Leidevelt


Kestern Leidevelt


Towards Murave Leidevelt


Year of Birth
1492 62 Years old

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