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The Beourjen-Ethanian War

The Beourjen-Ethanian war, sometimes referred to as 'the Great War,' is the biggest conflict for both the Beourjen Confederacy and the Kingdom of Ethana since the crusade.


In 1514, a group of inventors and engineers from both Ethaeras University and the Academie collaborated on the first steam-run railway that traveled between Ethaeras Capitol and Beourjen City. The project was considered one of the greatest and most ambitious endeavors of the century, and was a major success in furthering trade and communication between the two nations. However, over the next three years several issues arose regarding the railway as shared property. Ethana heavily taxed railway passengers, keeping all taxation for themselves, as well as allowing illegal arcanists to travel across the border upon paying a hefty 'jail card fee.' They also began using storm arcanists in order to manipulate the atmosphere winds in order to make the trains faster and more efficient.

Beourjen, in retaliation, sent undercover chaska onto passenger trains to find and detain fugitive arcanists, most of whom were later executed. In 1516, they completely shut down all passenger railway from Chamberv to Beourjen City, and strictly monitored all imports and exports carried along the railway. Andrei Duxtour, Beourjen's High Commander and South Beourjen's representative at the time, accused Ethana's monarch, Minos Tiergarn, of stealing taxation and property from Beourjen and claiming disproportionate ownership of the railway.

Early in 1517, all Beourjen citizens employed at railway stations between Ethaeras Capitol and Chamberv were murdered by Ethanian military, and the Chamberv railway station was overtaken by Ethanian military. Commercial and trade establishments were burned and pillaged throughout the rest of the city, which led to multiple revolts and villages throughout Aderia, Traddeck, and Livern demanding that the Beourjen Army send forces to help Chamberv. A day later, Andrei Duxtour, with permission from triadic majority and the High Judge, sent approximately three thousand soldiers down to fight off the Ethanian military in Chamberv and declared war on Ethana.

Affiliated People:

Vetchen Corver
Andrei Duxtour
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