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Indico Mendith Charultrio

Prompt 3 of WA SummerCamp2020: Describe an important religious leader in your world. How has their character changed the status quo?

Maximo Indico of The Redeemer's Chosen Mendith Sazoras

-"You know, my dad also had practically no faith in the Church"
-"Rev.Mendith, I find that really hard to believe."

Miluna crossed her legs as she stared at the pale white skin and the black horns of the Indico Maximo of the Church himself. When they told them that the Indico Maximo of the Church would be visiting the academy, she didn't expect someone so... young.

-"It's true. My old man wasn't too much into religious organizations. To be fair, neither was I. I hadn't read a single holy scripture before I was... 17?"
-"And how does a young adolescent like yourself go from not finding the Redeemers interesting to being in the Leading Order of Barenae as Chosen of the Church?"

He left the staff he carried, a wonderful work of art topped by an unsettling eye, on the table, as he scratched his chin.

-"What's your name, young lady?"
-"That would be Miluna, Rev."
-"Well, Miluna, you do sure ask a lot of questions. I'm going to answer you with another question, and then I'll tell you. What is it you want to do with your life?"
-"I guess I've always wanted to be a cook."
-"And what about cooking is that which stimulates you more?"

Miluna took a look at her classmates. She always felt like she rambled too much about her cooking and the things she liked to do, she was constantly worried about being annoying. She reached for her backpack, pulling a Demon Cake.

-"I think it's best for me if you just check for yourself."
-"Oh, that is a very much welcome surprise. But I don't think it would be a fair exchange if I don't give something to you in return."

The priest went to his bag and pulled a small invention. With the light scratch of its finger, the pieces on the top separated to reveal a faint light. He put the artifact under the Demon Cake until the machine did a subtle noise. As he pulled it slowly, an almost spectral and perfect image stayed, floating in the middle of the air.

-"You can have this, as a reminder that all that we make and invent is in service to ourselves and our dreams. And I'll have this treat all for myself"- Mendith grinned, as his jagged teeth tore the cake and his face turned into an expression of satisfaction. "Delicious. I hope my smile is what you were looking for. Now let me explain..."

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

The most recognizable features of Mendith are his skin, of an extremely white tone, interrupted by black lines that dance through it in a mesmerizing pattern; and his smile. His teeth are unusually jagged for a Tanith, which is often as a bad sign, an omen of the resemblance to Odesp herself.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Childhood and Adolescence

Mendith was born in the village of Charult, situated on the innermost part of the Kingdom of Cyn. Born to two Tanith parents, his skin color immediately came up as a signal of particularity. As a child, he always showed many signs of activity and curiosity, often overwhelming everyone on Charult with questions too complex for a kid his age. As he also showed great passion for the traditions of his homeland, he became enamored to the Warriors of the Interium. Their graceful rituals and shiny ornaments caused a big impression on the young Mendith. This caused him to become obsessed with the idea of entering the Interim.
Unfortunately, this obsession is the same thing that caused him to miss a great part of his education, which lead him to be denied entry to the order. Not fond of the idea of recovering his lost education years, Mendith decided to take a vacation period and travel Barenae far and wide, looking for something that inspired that same passion again.

Early Adulthood

As a young rascal, he often got into trouble with authority, which eventually lead to him being briefly incarcerated in a cell, rumored to be somewhere in the outer perimeter of Mikoto. As he looked outside the window, he finally took a moment to appreciate the light of The Redeemer, to observe a young kid raising a seed just with the same magic that had escaped him, under the careful eye of a priest of the Sylvan Light. In their eyes, he did not only perceive the happiness of a job well done but the thing that was missing in his life: purpose. He approached the priest for guidance and learned about the will of the Redeemers, their job in the natural order of things and how their will worked in mysterious ways.
And as he decided to give that faith a try, he quickly reignited his spark. His old friend curiosity lead him back to his studies and faced him with all the right questions. Slowly but surely, Mendith became a very vocal actor on the Church's view on their relationship with magic, catching the eye of the Sylvan Light and the Storm Writer, who he often requested audiences with.


As his achievements became more and more impressive, Mendith was granted the title of Indico Maximo within the Five Masters of the Redeemers Faith, as the keeper of the vision and the leading force towards the future. He later also got unanimously elected by the other masters as the representative of the church on the Barenae's Leading Conclave, where he has taken great steps in uniting all the members' ideas and points of view.

Gender Identity



Although it rarely comes up in the day to day of his work life, Mendith simply pays no attention to these things, as he feels content with having Aval by his side and his own research. This doesn't mean he's not somewhat interested and willing to help others in need of guidance, he just doesn't give much thought to affective relationships.


While Cyn tends to enforce a more strict and complete education, Mendith often found ways to skip his classes to watch the Interium practice, resulting into him falling off in the latter parts of his secondary education, until he ended up dropping out of high school to fully dedicate himself to the Interium. Unfortunately, the Interium do require the new applicants to understand principles of magic which Mendith did not possess.   After his vocation got revealed, even before obtaining Aval, he found a new interest within him: breaking the barrier between magic disciplines and religious power. He dedicated himself to the study of the arcane, assisting to as many conferences and libraries as he could, while slowly climbing the hierarchy of the Redeemer's faith.


Not taking into account the many small jobs Mendith performed during his travels in adolescence, the most important facet of his work life is his rapid ascension through the Redeemer's Church. From working as an exchange pilgrim at age 18, to a regular priest at age 20, to Index priest at age 21, a process that would normally take 10 years to achieve properly.

He then proceeded to be the youngest member of the Redeemer's Church in recorded history to become a bishop of Cyn (25), Indico of Cerenau (27), and then Indico Maximo at 29, entering the Leading Conclave just before turning 30.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • At age 23, Mendith managed to lead an archeological expedition into the Ceren Core to look for any information that the inhabitants of the Core might have left behind. This lead to the finding of the Staff of Aval, a sentient artifact possessed by a powerful dragon murdered in Eldo Tal.
  • As mentioned before, Mendith has been the youngest individual to achieve several high-rank occupation inside the Church, particularly on the Cerenau Splinter.
  • As part of the Chosen by the Redeemers, Mendith was the main impulsor of a campaign to investigate and reform the more antiquated parts of the Damned Theochrones, to give a more polite and approachable image to the Order.
  • Mendith's main contribution to the arcane arts was the invention and development of a special kind of holy symbol, that combines the conversion systems seen in arcane batteries and pure divine energy, leading to a much more powerful and refined collector of magic into positive energies, mainly used for healing.

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Mendith never finished secondary education, which led to him not being accepted into the Interim Order.
  • On the road to developing the positive energy device, Mendith frequently missed completely and had to restart his research. It has been common for Mendith to showcase the last version of the contraption in front of greatly important people, only for his inventions to fail miserably. However, this has never stopped him from trying again.

Intellectual Characteristics

While his education left a lot to be desired, Mendith has always had a natural talent to understand and absorb knowledge, which leads to him being very capable of understanding complex concepts, such as higher levels of magic, at a much faster pace than others.

Morality & Philosophy

While he's very serious when it comes to getting results, normally Mendith is guided by the passion of investigating and the trial and error process. He's very determined and he only believes in failure when it's the only certain outcome.

Mendith believes everyone deserves a second chance. To this end, he's been known to pick up outcasts and attempt to give them a new life inside of the Church, even casting several urchins as his personal assistants. In a similar sense, Mendith has been pushing for a fair and complete education for all youngsters, something he didn't get.

Personality Characteristics


Mendith has accepted with pride his charge as Head of Progress of the Church, in all of its facets. He wants to create and fund the inventions that will lead Barenae into the future. He does so with moderation, as his charge demands, but it's in his best interest to slowly shift the vision and make things better. He's the one in the Chosen who's more open to looking into the internal structure of the Church and has driven reforms to some of the most outdated elements of the hierarchy.

However, he does not shy away from the more caritative sides of the Church either. Especially when it comes to leading people to the right path, the part of himself he sees in them really comes out to lend a helping hand. He's been seen at the helm of countless charity events, collections, and food donations. Furthermore, when he has some spare time, he also enjoys visiting high schools in zones with low income and talk to the children there.

As an individual, he just yearns for learning and tranquility. Umbrella's Den is for him the perfect place to take a walk under the rain and enjoy long silences, reading a book indoors.


Social Aptitude

As a high ranking member of the Church, it's usual for Mendith to speak in name of the whole organization and also to participate in many events and conferences as Indico Maximo, which grants him the capability of speaking in public with no issue. And while he's very good at chatter and deception, Mendith possesses the best quality a good liar can have: responsibility and humility.
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Divine Classification
Highest Ranking Official of the Redeemer's Church
Neutral Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Maximo Indico of The Redeemer's Chosen
Redeemer Chosen for the Barenae's Leading Conclave
Date of Birth
11th of Ruen, 3125 D.R
Circumstances of Birth
Was born an albino
Charult, Kingdom of Cyn, Zan Drakia, Cerenau
Current Residence
Umbrella's Den, Province of Kai Maler, Madrunda, Nereidai
Deep Black
Short, messy, pitch black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Albino with Black birthlines
1.79 m
Quotes & Catchphrases
All of you talk too much, I'm building this excavator with or without your delicate hands!
I've been asked two things too many times: How did I get in the Leading Order this fast and how is Inud in person. Inud's fine, I guess, you might as well talk to a purple wall, it'll tell better jokes. In terms of my rise to power, to be honest, I don't know either.
I believe that what I've built is worth nothing if it doesn't help someone else find their own purpose. If a single kid has been saved or inspired by my actions, then I can die satisfied.
Known Languages
Barenaenian, Ancient Cerenian (all kinds)


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