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Zwana is a highly addcitive organic hallucinagenic drug that can be found in the Feywild naturally and artificially created in the mortal plane. Zwana organically is found when the dew of certain rose colored flowers freeze and eventually crystallize. This can then be crushed into a fine powder and used as spell components or can be directly consumed to illicit a powerful upper drug that stimulates all the senses. On the mortal plane Zwana is synthetically created when expensive cut gems are then bathed in the flames of a Faerie Dragon. This very expensive and difficult process is why Zwana has become the premire drug for underground and black market organizations. The profit they turn out is an incredible amount. It has been banned in All four of the nations of Baephios, but that doesn't stop certain individuals from proucing and exporting this fine drug.   There is a man in the Noclon Confederation who goes by "The Emperor." This person has a stranglehold on all Zawana type dealings that leave the Grand Noclon River. He is said to have special connections with a certain Noble family in the Vaera Kingdom that ships out Zwana to the neighboring Continent of Novakuzran. Their main buyer being King Hugo Ironbrawn III from Hugo City. No one knows for sure why so much is being purchased all they know is Hugo buys a lot.


Material Characteristics

The organic physical appearance of Zwana looks like a fresh dew drop that sparkles with the light of the morning very much like a professionally cut diamond. Synthetic Zwana doesn't sparkle quite as well and also is smoother and less clear than organic Zwana.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Zwana, to the touch, feels like any other precious gem.

History & Usage


Long ago when Zwana was first brought into the mortal plane only the Vridium Empire knew about this new drug, but over time leaks started to come from the Empire and the news spread like wildfire throught Baephios. Eventually making it all aroudn the World of Baltharos.


The first recorded instance of Zwana comes from the Vridium Empire when Rasmodious "The First Sage" took a trip to the Feywild and came back to the Empire with it. The current Rigby King was enthralled by this new discovery and insisted on a surplus of Zwana be brought back to the Empire for his own personal treasury.

Everyday use

Snorting from a fine dust like form. High nobles and safisticated individuals drink it like tea.

Industrial Use

The synthetic version of Zwana is commonly used by certain corrupt divisions of militarty in all the nations of Baephios.


Synthetic Zwana is only created when the breath weapon of a Faerie Dragon is used to refine a precious gem worth at least 100gp.

Manufacturing & Products

There have been few products made with Zwana but the most popular was a set of tea bags that have been long banned from the Vaera Kingdom for centuries now.


When consumed in high doses Zwana can end up rotting the brain of the individual to the point of no return in the form of a vegitative state.


Trade & Market

You would have to go out of your way to find Zwana with the risk of being turned into the guard and government for the trade of such a narcotic. However, ask the right people and travel to the right places you will find what you are looking for. Rich and High nobles will often have the connections to the right people.


Zwana gems are often stored in cool dry crates that are typically sealed with magic infused locks to ensure the safe exportation of this substance.

Law & Regulation

Ever since the overdose of King Jonathon Rigby II, Zwana has been purged and outlawed in all nations of Baephios.


50gp a dose/1000gp per pound
Very Rare
No odor at all
If ground and used like tea there is a very feint green-tea like flavor
Rainbow colored

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